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Anybody else on here frequently hunt with buckshot? If so, what load/choke combination works best for you? My 12ga 870 with a 26" barrel does best with 3" 00 winchester out of a modified. Shoots a pattern good enough to kill a deer at about 40 yards, but it is still not quite as tight as I'd like to see. With a life-sized deer poster, it puts about 5 or 6 pellets in the heart/lung area with one or two in the neck and a few in the head sometimes. With a regular full choke, it shoots a doughnut pattern (ring with a hole in the middle). My old 16ga with a full shooting #1's shoots a far tighter pattern than my 12. My 16 consistently puts 8-12 pellets in the heart/lung area at 40 yards, but it is not in good enough shape to hunt with. Can anybody suggest a good aftermarket choke tube/load combination? All imput is greatly appreciated.
There are some after market chokes you can buy pattern master or a strangler. They are expensive 100.00 . I have the pattern master just about anything you shoot thru it buckshot wise holds a tight pattern., , Hope i have helped .
I love my patternmaster!!! I have killed lots of deer using both 3" & 3 1/2" remington 00 buckshot. If you can find the 2 3/4" magnums at cabelas they also will carry a tight good pattern too.
I've been looking hard at the patternmaster tubes I just have a hard time dishing out $80 on a choke. The broke college kid budget doesn't agree with it much, but if it performs as well as advertised than it would deffinantly be worth it. Never heard of a strangler imma have to look into that one as well. Thanks for the input.
I shoot a Remington 11-87 with a full choke. I shoot my first shot with #1 buck and follow it with two loads of 00 buck. 3" magnums of course. Combo works good for me.
I've killed around 50 deer with buckshot over the years. With that I conduct formal tests on things like buckshot, turkey guns and anything else of intrest at the Ft Polk Shooting Complex.

Winchester Buckshot seems to pattern the tighest, and that goes for their turkey load too. Nitro Amunition Company makes a better turkey and Buckshot load at a very high price. They even make 0000 buckshot, and also make Hevi-Buckshot.

I never used a patten master, strangler choke made in Winnfield La is very good.

A standard 12 ga full choke is .700 inch the lands on the strangler are .655 and the groves are .700, back bore guns are a bit more open.

I have an old Aya 10 ga double that is a buckshot shooters dream gun. At 70 yards I scored 8 kill shots on a small buck one time, with 00 buck. It only takes one.

I have a Stevens 411 with two .670 turkey chokes that shoots 3in 000 buck very well out to 50 yards. My CZ-Combination gun is a real winner, with an improved modified choke and 000 Win Buckshot.

A good rule of thumb with any buckshot gun is to be able to clearly see the deer's eye and then it is in range. That will work with any shotgun that shoots tight.

Another way to know ho far your paticular shotgun will be effective is simple. When you can no longer put 3 00 buck on a pie plate you are too far.

Just for th record and not recommended one 00 buckshot will go right through a deer at 100 yards. I did this one time with the 10 ga,it was a heart shot and the deer ran 50 yards with a good blood trail. Out of 50 deer I only had to track two, the rest were tran wrecks.

50 yards with good equipment is about max ethical range.

Uncle John
I have had good success with 00 Federal Premium, 12 gauge 3.5 inch. I have never taken a shot further than 50 yards. I only use it when I am hunting in super thick cover, or walking around. I shoot an Improved- Modified ported choke. The only deer I have ever lost with Buckshot was a small spike I shot at 20 yards with Winchester Buckshot. I watched the pattern hit him full load, saw hair fly off. We only found a couple drops of blood. Brought out a tracking dog, looked the next day..NO deer. After getting a bad box of squirrel load later that same year. I have refused to use Winchester products ever since.
I just purchased a Briley Improved Modified to shoot buckshot through my Mossberg 835 turkey gun. Quality tube and priced decent-about $5o with tax and shipping for an extended tube. Sometimes too tight a tube will pull the pattern in too tight and they will push off of each other opening up the pattern, just opposite of what you would think a full choke would do, with buckshot anyway. The copper coated shot will usually pattern better also.
I shoot most of my deer with buckshot out of a winchester sx3 with the stock full choke 28 in barrel. the best pattern I get is with winchester supreme high velocity in 3 1/2 copper plated. the energy from this shell is incredible. It only comes in 00 with 15 pellets whereas remington has 18. The reson for this is the extra powder. I cut a shell open to see how the pellets were laid etc. to compare to other chares and the quality is obvious. I have shot sevral deer out to 65 yards averaging 3 to 5 pellets in the chest area and most have fallen on the spot or have gone no more than 20 yds.
good luck
I use a Winchester Model 1300 with a 26" barrel. I shoot Remington 3" 00 and 000. Both pattern well for me out of a modified choke. Most of my shots are under 40yds. I have never lost one that I hit. They rarely go more than a step or two.
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