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Need planting info on soybeans and corn

Have decided to plant several acres on corn and soybeans in SW Miss. for deer consumption only & lookin for info on how/when etc.
Any advise is appreciated.
corn, beans
waste of time, money, and most of all hope. if ur serious about management stick to clover.
can you explain why this is a waste i have always heard good things about corn and soybeans.
I think calling it a waste of time is realitive.
Beans have a high protein/fat content and corn, if enough is planted, left standing can provide excellent cover and is a good food source. There are better plots out there, but several acres of corn with just a few rows cut makes great cover/shooting lanes. IMHO (which some people say ain't worth a sh!t)
Waste of time??
I hunt in Kansas and all there is for the deer are corn and soybeans and the grow some phenomenal animals round there!!! Please explain why its a waste!
planting for deer
I plant soybeans and ironclay peas every may on my lease in north La and it makes a tremendous difference in keeping deer in your area. So much so that other members keep inquiring about why there is always so much deer sign around my stands.
beans, corn
unless u are a very good farmer and have over 10 acres the deer will eat them up before they get started. anybody can grow clover.
location location location
If you are in an area that is known to be hot and dry with small amounts of rainfall during the growing season of corn and/or soybeans then, the weather conditions will stress the plants out and you can not yeild the tonnage that you should - hence a waiste of money. If you are in an area that has poor runoff and the land stays too moist then, same thing - you loose! Kansas is better suitable to substain crops like these. However, Louisiana farmers do grow soybeans and corn here BUT, they often loose money. So, if you don't have a place that you can irrigate water to your crops or you don't know a good Indian raindance then, you will be waisting your money.

Do you have the equipment, time, money and access to be able to get in there and till up the area? Ground prep is key to these types of crops. Have you ever grown anything before? Gardens and/or food plots? It takes quite a bit of dedication.

North LA is not SW Miss. Different geography and somewhat different climate. We're going to get better run off for one. Not sure on rainfall but, I think that we may get more rainfall as well as the fronts normally move in from the NW. Not to mention HURRICANES! LOL! Ironclay peas is what he made need to look at. They seem to grow a little better in harsher condidtions, or so I have read. As far as corn? I wouldn't fool with it on just a couple of acres.

You can still plant your clover in the fall and have the best of both worlds.

Here is a link to some soybean tips from Miss State:
Deer up there don't eat that mess! They like corn out of feeders in that zoo you are hunting in!
That zoo I hunt in is in need of feeding our deer during the summer months so that they stick around longer. Thats all we are looking for. Any help you can give is appreciated.
We intend to plant approx 20 acres in "something" other than the dedicated food plots which we will do again for the fall-seperate from the new acres we are planning for the summer.
In my experience, if you plant soybeans, plant em late. Every time we ever planted em they made it about 2 weeks before the deer completly wiped them all out. It was a dream stand to hunt while they lasted, but they got mowed out pretty quick. Worked amazing for the first few days of bow season. Not much experience with planted corn.
Any legume - soybeans, claypeas, crowder peas (blackeyes, pinkey
can be planted after the soil warms up above 55 F - early April is best. Get a soil test - send to your local county agent. Lime to about 5.6 - 6.2 pH. Put lime out now and incorporate so it has time to raise the pH (lower soil acidity). Might as well add 100 pounds of 8-24-24 per acre now as well. In 8-24-24, 8 is 8 pounds N per 100 pounds fertilizer; 24 is Phopphorus and Potassium (P and K). You really want the P and K, but N won't hurt and it's cheaper and easier to find this way.

Corn or other grass crop requires a lot more N. Lime as aboce and add 300 pounds 13-13-13 per acre plus 1oo pounds urea (46-0-0). Plant these about April1 as well.

Start with a clean seedbed - spray RoundUp just before planting or disk to kill weeds.

Yea, that 9pt you killed did look a little deprived of nutrition!
I had 14 deer in the back yard the other night eating on Skittles I threw out.. Fo Real

Next Im gonna try M'M's with peanuts...

You've got to think outside the box... :)
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your correct,bushbutt needs to look at info on the web. to appear that he is smart--most post on here are normal everyday observations of nature, now if you want to be an expert like bushbutt and be a bookworm about everything so be it--you have to have common sense to make things work--so again put up or shutup show us those knee deep clover patchs with palm size leaves!!!!!