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Buyer Beware Used 2006 Bay Ranger Ft Lauderdale Florida

I was unfortunate enough this past weekend to take a trip with my father to Ft Lauderdale, FL, from Baton Rouge to attempt to purchase a 2300 bay Ranger, 225 optimax 160hrs, power pole, minn kota 101, etc. Little did I know this person(s) was trying to sale a boat that did not work for 30k. It seemed like a fair price for the rig and every assurance was given by the seller beforehand that it was in good working condition.

I'm not sure if anyone else is in the market to purchase a bay boat, but please do not waste your time dealing with these people. Betty and Chuck Bauman have evidentially made a living out of duping unsuspecting women who know little about fishing (see but it's not that easy to fool someone into purchasing an inoperable vessel.

After waiting 2 weeks for the bank to come thru, pleading with my boss to let me off on a friday, and then driving for 15hrs to get there, I was beyond excited and ready to fish, but that's when things began to go even farther south than I already was.

After looking over the boat there were a few things to be discussed, large chip in the hull, large chunk out of the lower unit on the motor (they made a poor attempt to hide), trim tabs not operating, gps not working (which my dad fixed), no batteries for the trolling motor, no way to tell if it even works, and immediately the seller wanted to hear nothing of the sorts and yelled out "I'M NOT COMING DOWN ON THE PRICE ANYMORE. YALL CAN JUST GO BACK TO WHERE YOU CAME FROM!" Now at this point I should have grabbed my father and said let's get the hell outta here, but instead we gave them the benefit of the doubt (respected profession blah blah). Ok so we changed tune and requested that we could drive the vessel to which was again retorted by "I'M NOT WASTING ANOTHER 10MINS OF MY TIME UNTIL WE TALK MONEY!" In my head I am screaming WTF 10 minutes of your time. I just lost a days pay and 15 hours to come look at this POS and you're telling me how valuable your time is.

After looking at the boat for another 30min trying to run down wires and check fuses to make things work I finally looked at my Dad and said this isn't right we need to step back and think long and hard about the sh!t we are about to step in. The seller didn’t know we had left, I guess they went inside for another drink or were smoking drugs (because you’d either need to be high or drunk to try and pull this off), yet when they discovered we had left they were super ready to get the boat in the water. I am not exactly sure why, I guess they wanted us to see that it floated.

To make a long story short they repeatedly assured us the problems were minor, just a fuse or something, but they had no idea where said fuses were. For 30k I better be able to hook a boat up, take it to the dock, and put it in the water and fish. Not give someone 30k so I can spend another 5 or 10k making sure it works. I guess to make it worse was the lady had two weeks to take it to someone to make sure everything worked. This was never done. Being a business woman she could have easily said hey I haven't had this boat in the water for 9 months I don’t know if it'll even run. This was never said. If this entire transaction is any reflection of what kind of business they run, I can't believe they are still in business. I think the best part was that when we mentioned no trolling motor batteries the guy says “We didn’t mention it in the ad”, what makes this hilarious is that the spare tire that was pictured in the ad had been removed. (We are about to haul this thing 1000 miles and the idiot didn’t think it needed the spare tire attached as the “ad” appeared)

Betty mentioned she had another buyer from Louisiana interested in purchasing this boat. God I hope he looks at this site. This isn’t to slam anyone, but the people selling this boat cannot be trusted to be honest in any shape or form.

If you wipe your @ss with 100$ bills then this might very well be the boat for you, but I wouldn't trust these people as far as I could throw a 2 ounce weight on 4lb test line on a Barbie Doll pole...
I know people want what they want but I tire kick boats online in my free time alot, and In this market, a buyers market that is, deals abound. Just wondering why this rig for 30k? You like the Ranger? Because in my mind you can get a 22'23' bay boat with equal or little more hours on the motor for well under 30k. You can get so much value for your money in this market right now.
Im sure its just me but it seems 25k can buy you whatever you want whether it be a nice big bay boat or an offshore rig of all sizes. It may have 200 hours on it or so but when you look theres just smoking deals out there right now.

I found this one just now while writing this post here its located on houston craigslist an 07 pure bay 22' 225 suz with 4 years of warr left with only 230 hours for only 24k loaded out.
Like a 03' 22 triton with all bells and whistles 225 honda 4 stroke 230hrs on gauge. Asking 25k willing to negotiate he says. That rig is as good as you can get and I know he will come down.
So just wondering why go for a new used 30k boat when there equal value at least in my opinion for maybe 5-7k cheaper.??? Shoot some makes are that price brand new for a bay boat.
Blessings on your search for a new rig though.
this one is pretty bad ass
Sorry to hear about that trip for a boat and end up feeling like you were kicked in the groin. I guess you are more brave than me, since their is no way in heII I would drive 15 hrs to look at a used boat.

But it is not just used boats that this happens to. I went down to FL in 1985 to take delivery of a 28' Bertram and return it to LA. Went through a "punch" list and ended up having to get a hotel room for the night. Went out the next day for the dealer to wish me a farewell, only to have to return to the dock after 30 mins on the water w/ engine trouble. Another night at the hotel! Made a new set of sea trials with the vessel and had more trouble. Wasted 3 days trying to get that boat!
Hate to tell you this but the boat in the picture does not look like a 06. I personally own a 2006 Bay Ranger and the gunnel, console, and rise looks totally different. The boat in the picture looks like maybe an 04 or 05 or even older. The 06, 07 and 08 have a raised gunnel above the rubrail.
Boat in the picture is not a 2006. I would appreciate it if you would change the heading that would state that the boat is USED and FROM Florida!!!!!!! I sell new and used Rangers and if you would have called me,, I could have done the same deal and saved you time and money!! Be a smart shopper next time! For some strange reason people think that you can get great deals out of state!! If you want a 2006 Ranger Bay at that price....EMAIL me! IN FACT, the one I have has never been titled so you would be the original owner!!!!

FACT IS: People that travel to make "Deals" end up on a "Bait and switch" deal and leave with nothing but the red a$$!! Keep your money in the GREAT state of Louisiana and do business here... our state and local dealers needs it.
I would rather keep my money in Louisiana. I pay double when I buy crawfish tails, because I don’t buy Chinese crawfish. I buy my shrimp from an old gentleman who catches ‘em south of here. I pay more than the Honduran shrimp I can buy for a few bucks cheaper per pound, but I know where my money’s going. The only problem with buying a vehicle here is the taxes. The state wants to tax each time someone purchases a vehicle. They tax what was already been taxed and then want to tax it again if you sell it. Buy a rig out of state or from an individual and they just tax the trailer. Buy a rig from a dealer (even used) and they want to tax the entire rig.

As far as bait and switch. Not expected from a Lady who runs a charter service that teaches women how to fish. Just my opinion, but I felt this was a much respected profession and the individual could be taken for their word. Especially after directly asking her if there was anything I needed to be concerned about. I didn’t drive 15 hours to take a peek at a boat. I drove 15 hours with check in a big truck to pick up what was supposed to be a fully operational vessel with low hours in dependable shape. I expected minor blemishes and dings, not a boat someone parked in the yard and gutted batteries, spare tire, and electronics out of. Maybe I was brought up different, but if I’m selling you something, I want to be proud of it. And if I’m not proud of it I will tell you why or tell you upfront what wrong with it. I want to leave no doubt in a buyer’s mind that this is what they want and this is what they are getting. If I sell a vehicle and you ask if you can drive it, darn right you can… here’s the keys! I was told there wasn’t a boat launch for 30 minutes. We were in south florida there is water everywhere, in fact there was a launch 8 blocks from this person’s house, but it wasn’t until the deal was pretty much over that they were desperate to get it in the water. I’m still confused on how they were going to drive it without the trim tabs working.

I know right now it is a buyer’s market. At the same time I don’t mind paying a fair price for a good used boat. If I can get a “deal” that would be fantastic, but again I will pay fair market value for something that I can depend on. The only time I want to spend the night in the marsh or the open seas is when I’m bowfishing or chasing tuna. LOL!

I really appreciate yall’s comments. I’m not one to go trashing anybody’s name or airing out their dirty laundry but I just didn’t want anyone else to fall into this trap. Supposedly another buyer for this rig was from LA and was going to pay shipping costs to get it here. I would have lost my sheet had I done that and seen the final result. We’re going to keep looking. It’s just getting that time for some slime and my mouth is watering for some filets. I guess I’ll just have to wash down the pirogue and keep it fresh for now.
cullin, you sell Rangers?!?!?! I am a little confused by one of your recent posts... the one about Ascension Marine?