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I own a lake that borders I-12 and it is that time of the year that people will climb through a fence to fish in our lake, some even have the nerve to lauch a small boat. I go ask them to leave and most do without a problem but Sunday the guy had a gun, I'm sure just for snakes but I am a sitting duck in a boat. We put signs up and they tear them down. I did call the law last year but you know how that is. Any one else fighting this and have any suggestions? I would let them fish but you should see the trash they leave behind plus the liability of someone drowning.
Get some that say "caution high voltage"
we own 20 acres of exceptional duck hunt, and every season we catch people on our property hunting. The signs are for honest people. Most of these idiots know what they are doing. They just don't give a sh!t
Put up some signs that say "tresspassers will be shot---twice" then when you see one tresspassing just fire a couple of blanks rounds off. Word will get out pretty quick that some crazy person will try to shoot you if you try to fish his pond. End Of Problem.
theres a lake similar to that around were im from with certain race of people coming in and fishing it and leaving there trash just laying around were abouts on I 12 are you located??
Simple. Trespassing laws are enforced by the sheriff's office. Call them , that's what you pay taxes for.
A long time ago my family would let a guy plant sweet corn on a small piece of our farm right next to the highway. People would stop and pick the corn without permission. He tried everything but one thing stopped it cold. He made a sign that read, "Danger Test Crop, Gama Ray Poison". They never bothered him again!

Gama Ray = Sunlight :)

No offense, but you should really stand up for yourself and establish authority. It's your pond so defend it.
Post a Toxic Waste Dump Sign...that may deter some. But those that are determined to keep coming..will do just that...keep coming. It is a scary proposition to approach anyone these days that is knowingly breaking the law; especially when they may have a gun. Call the Sheriff's Department. If they're actually coming in from I-12, call the LA State Police. You're only supposed to stop along an interstate for emergency purposes. After you make an "example" out of several of these trespassers, word will get around. Good luck and be careful.
How much would a $1,000,000 umbrella policy cost? Start an LLC, and set up a booth with fishing areas cleared, and charge folks to fish. You could even set your own limits. How often you see folks post on here for a good place to bank fish? I don't know how profitable it would be, but I would look into it.
It's lawyers that made land owners A-holes. Everyone is afraid of being suied and therefore land-owners have to be strick about letting people on their property. I wish they would change the law to "enter at your own risk" if its private where the landowner could not be suied by trash passers. Good people also often trasspass to fish only because they are ticked off that some A-hole put up a gate to an area they have been fishing since they were a young boy. We don't live in a perfect world and everyone wants everything to themselves these days. Its just sad.
two words... rubber buckshot
It's not lawyers that make land owners A-Holes. It's stupid people that make land owners A-Holes. This guy said that he had no problem with people fishing but they don't pick up their mess. He purchased this property so he has all the right in the world to keep it to his self!
Louisiana Criminal Trespass Law
LA R.S. 14:63

A. No person shall enter any structure, watercraft, or movable owned by another without express, legal, or implied authorization.

B. No person shall enter upon immovable property owned by another without express, legal, or implied authorization.

C. No person shall remain in or upon property, movable or immovable, owned by another without express, legal, or implied authorization.

D. It shall be an affirmative defense to a prosecution for a violation of Subsection A, B, or C of this Section, that the accused had express, legal, or implied authority to be in the movable or on the immovable property.

E. The following persons may enter or remain upon the structure, watercraft, movable or immovable property, of another:

(1) A duly commissioned law enforcement officer in the performance of his duties.

(2) Any firefighter, whether or not a member of a volunteer or other fire department, and any employee or agent of the Louisiana Department of Agriculture and Forestry engaged in locating and suppressing a fire.

(3) Emergency medical personnel engaged in the rendering of medical assistance to an individual.

(4) Any federal, state or local government employee, public utility employee or agent engaged in suppressing or dealing with an emergency that presents an imminent danger to human safety or health or to the environment.

(5) Any federal, state or local government employee, public utility employee or agent in the performance of his duties when otherwise authorized by law to enter or remain on immovable or movable property.

(6) Any person authorized by a court of law to enter or remain on immovable property.

(7) Any person exercising the mere right of passage to an enclosed estate, as otherwise provided by law.

F. The following persons may enter or remain upon immovable property of another, unless specifically forbidden to do so by the owner or other person with authority, either orally or in writing:

(1) A professional land surveyor or his authorized personnel, engaged in the "Practice of Land Surveying", as defined in R.S. 37:682.

(2) A person, affiliate, employee, agent or contractor of any business which is regulated by the Louisiana Public Service Commission or by a local franchising authority or the Federal Communication Commission under the Cable Reregulation Act of 1992 or of a municipal or public utility, while acting in the course and scope of his employment or agency relating to the operation, repair, or maintenance of a facility, servitude or any property located on the immovable property which belongs to such a business.

(3) Any person making a delivery, soliciting, selling any product or service, conducting a survey or poll, a real estate licensee or other person who has a legitimate reason for making a delivery, conducting business or communicating with the owner, lessee, custodian or a resident of the immovable property, and who, immediately upon entry, seeks to make the delivery, to conduct business or to conduct the communication.

(4) An employee of the owner, lessee or custodian of the immovable property while performing his duties, functions and responsibilities in the course and scope of his employment.

(5) The owner of domestic livestock or his employees or agents while in the process of retrieving his domestic livestock that have escaped from an area fenced to retain such domestic livestock.

(6) The owner of a domestic animal while in the sole process of merely retrieving his domestic animal from immovable property and not having a firearm or other weapon on his person.

(7) Any candidate for political office or any person working on behalf of a candidate for a political office.

(8) The owner or occupant of a watercraft or vessel traveling in salt water engaged in any lawful purpose for the purpose of retrieval of his property or for obtaining assistance in an emergency situation.

G. The following penalties shall be imposed for a violation of this Section:

(1) For the first offense, the fine shall be not less than one hundred dollars and not more than five hundred dollars, or imprisonment for not more than thirty days, or both.

(2) For the second offense, the fine shall be not less than three hundred dollars and not more than seven hundred fifty dollars, or imprisonment for not more than ninety days, or both.

(3) For the third offense and all subsequent offenses, the fine shall be not less than five hundred dollars and not more than one thousand dollars, or imprisonment for not less than sixty days and not more than six months, or both, and forfeiture to the law enforcement authority of any property seized in connection with the violation.

(4) A person may be convicted of a second offense and any subsequent offenses regardless of whether any prior conviction involved the same structure, watercraft, movable or immovable property and regardless of the time sequence of the occurrence of the offenses.

H. The provisions of any other law notwithstanding, owners, lessees, and custodians of structures, watercraft, movable or immovable property shall not be answerable for damages sustained by any person who enters upon the structure, watercraft, movable or immovable property without express, legal or implied authorization, or who without legal authorization, remains upon the structure, watercraft, movable or immovable property after being forbidden by the owner, or other person with authority to do so; however, the owner, lessee or custodian of the property may be answerable for damages only upon a showing that the damages sustained were the result of the intentional acts or gross negligence of the owner, lessee or custodian.

I. A minor ten years old or younger shall not be arrested, detained or apprehended for the crime of trespass.
We have been fighting this problem for 18 years. We hang posted signs with ladders and they still take them down or shoot them down. I have had people look at me and say I have hunted here all my life. They do not care who owns what, they do not care that you have a lease and pay good money for it. They do not care that you are picking up their bottles, cans and worm containers or crawfish feed sacks. The only way to get ahead of this is to get license plate numbers, take digital pictures and press charges. I get boat numbers and have the Sheriffs Dept send out letters. They don't come back but there is always someone else to take their place. You are not supposed to have to post any longer. People are supposed to know where they are and know if they are allowed there. RESPONSIBILITY. When you are dealing with this type of folks they really don't care.
If the local law enforcement wont charge them, call wildlife and fisheries or call and talk to the Sheriff himself. you don't even have to have posted signs up any more with the new tresspass law.
My grandfather goes through the same thing every year in a pond that the state dug for the dirt to build the road. He refuse to let them stock the pond because then it would have made it public access. There are several ponds along I-10 that are public due to the state stocking the ponds with fish.

Let the air out of their tires. R. Eaton.
It is my understanding that you can take picture of person and go to the justice of the peace and press charges. It is hard to break people of bad habits!! Pressing charges usually ends the problem. Once they know if they are caught they will be charged, thye usually stop.

Dig a very deep, deep hole.
Yet people keep asking why would you put a fence around your property DER
This is the same reason people put gates across canals that people think they have the right too.
Me personally i would bring a gun with me and give them 3 chances and if they dont wanna leave Id nick em and send em home limping. And ive shot people before with bee bee guns and shot around them with a benjamin pellet gun and i know one thing they stopped coming around. but thts just me and believe me it works!!!lol
This is the reason why no one can fish behind the Mississippi River levee in WBR. People leaving their trash.
I live on Bayou Chenal in Pointe Coupee Parish. People fish off the bank near the bridges that cross the bayou. You would not believe the trash that is thrown in the water and left on the banks. Several months ago I picked up eight large trash bags of trash consisting of beer cans, wine bottles, shinner bags, ice bags, worm containers etc. Two weeks later it was trashed again. I have asked the people sitting on their white buckets to pick up their trash but they only look at me with that "DEER IN A HEADLIGHT" look.

I have contacted local and state government, nothing has been done.
find your local BOYSCOUTS and tell them to adopt the bridge and clean it. lol they need their badges!
put a big gator in the pond. that ought to do the trick. and also put up a sign that says TRESPASSERS WILL BE SHOT AND SURVIVORS WILL BE SHOT AGAIN. hahahaaha that oughta do it