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600 lbs Catfish

646 pound catfish caught down in Dularge!!!

Well, not quite.

This a photograph of a 646 pound Mekong Catfish caught in Thailand and examined by some researchers who are trying to document and study some of the larger and also endangered freshwater fish. Not surprisingly, this brute also set the record for the world's largest freshwater fish. It also makes those 40 and 50 pound monsters that I sometime catch seem pretty puny.

I did not post a link to the article but it can be found on MSNBC's website as well as National Geographic's.

   coon dog
I bet thats a tasty fish.
I bet it taste like crap.. probably like a rubber tire..
Let's see how much of the meat makes it to rhe US freezer shelves.
to those 800-1000 pound sturgeon??? Last time I checked 1000 is bigger than 646!

There are document cases of fish in excess of 1500 pounds having been caught.

Take a look at this one!
Scroll down to see the big one!

Here is another behemoth!

Just an FYI - the reason that sturgeon are not counted is because while some individuals may be landlocked, the largest sturgeon species are not considered a true freshwater fish, as they are known for spending a good portion of their time in saltwater.
Wow! Such a big fish. You are awesome guys.

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