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todd landry

I am looking for a chip for my gps,mainly for the vermillion bay and bayou dularge area what would be the best one.I have a global map

~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Todd Landry ~

As you probably already know the Lowrance Global Map 2400 is considered a “Legacy” unit by Lowrance. It is no longer in production. The technical specifications indicate that the unit can accommodate Optional MapCreate, FreedomMaps, and Navionics (Classic, XL, and HotMaps).

Your choice of the mapping divides between two different types of mapping. The Lowrance approved Navionics (the Classic, XL,) are based on NOAA Marine Charts. They cover the coastal areas of the entire US and are broken down in to areas. They are provided only on a data card that is inserted into your GPS receiver. These mapping files cannot be copied onto another memory card, as there is a password type recognition code implanted in the card.

The Navionics line of map data cards can be viewed on their web site which is located @
There is an area that includes the central Gulf of Mexico.

Remember however, that you will only be getting the map data card and NOT the means to transfer other data between the GPS card and a computer.

HotMaps and the FreedomMaps are based on Lowrance topo type maps of certain lakes and inland waters in the U.S. They are also sold by specific regions. I believe that the only Louisiana lakes in this format are the Toledo Bend area.

The other option, and what I believe is the best way to go, is a “Roll Your Own” procedure that allows you to select exactly the areas that you need in your unit. It is the Lowrance MapCreate USA TOPO software.

However as your unit is an older unit, It will NOT read the new USA TOPO Series 7 software. The unit, however, will be able to use the Lowrance older topo mapping program named MAPCREATE Series 6. This product comes in the form of two CD ROMS disks that are Lowrance topographical based mapping of the entire US.

The program is installed in your computer and YOU select the areas you want as a map and transfer it to a memory card which is then placed in the GPS unit. The maps are selected by “drawing” the actual areas you want and then transferring them to the memory card.

This mapping requires the use of a NEW Lowrance (LEI) Memory Card (SD) reader writer. The Lowrance card imparts a code to the card that allows the unit to read the mapping images. Without the LEI card programmer the mapping software will NOT work in your unit.

If you are instant on using the GlobalMap 2400, then I suggest that you first consider the MapCreate Series 6 software. In additional to the maps it has a data (waypoints, routes and tracks) back and forth between the data card and your computer. This allows you to select waypoints, tracks and routes you need for an impending trip using the convenience of your computer and install them in your GPS unit. It also allows you to have the ability to archive your precious waypoints for future use.

Lowrance sells or sold the Series 6 mapping software along with their LEI card programmer. It is the way that I would suggest you first explore. Remember that the program MUST be an UNUSED MapCreate Series 6 mapping program and a NEW Lowrance Card Reader-Programmer.
Keep in touch and let my know what you final choice.

~ Captain Paul ~

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