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Okay Catfisherman..Let's hear your opinions..which catfish tastes the best, rank order them.

All right Catfisherman, let's hear your opinions on which type of catfish tastes the best.

Personally, after catching and eating my first flathead this past weekend at Bundick Lake it ranks #1 easy. I baked it Sunday, and tasted noooo, I mean no catfish taste (mud) at all. It was simply amazing. I am ready to go catch a bunch more of those.

Okay here is my ranking on Catfish Saltwater and Freshwater:

1. Flathead (For reasons already described)

2. Blue Catfish (Pretty close to Flathead, got a distinct taste though.)

3. Channel Catfish (good firm meat, but it is a catfish)

4. Gafftop Sailfish (funny, but gafftops aren't that bad)

5. Pollywog..A.K.A. mud cat (They can be okay, or taste like crap....I don't even take the risk anymore)

6. Hardhead (Yeah, I've tried them...They are very strong, I won't do it again)

1. Flathead
2. Mud Cat
3. Blue and Channel

I have found the key to eating yellow(mud) cats is to only keep them if they were caught in moving water. A canal or river is fine, but not a farm pond. And the second thing I do with every catfish is cut the blood line and all the fat off of the fillet. Makes all the difference in the world.
how do you cut the blood line
Coonass is correct on that. No question flathead is the best tasting and in my opinion basically the best eating freswater fish and only competition in inshore saltwater is the flounder.

As he said cut out the bloodlines and soak in ice cold water which removes a lot of the fat. Get a 25 lb flathead and after you clean it you got the whitest meat around

That is why i would rather eat a ten pound cat that a one pound on the smaller you cant get rid of all of the bloodlines but on the bigger ones you can get rid of it all

we actually cut out the blood lines on sacalait too.

also if you are grilling redfish on the scales you can cut at an angle in the middle and take out most of that big bloodline before you cook it.

Some people like fishy tasting fish but I prefer it to not have that flavor
for what ever reason I always found that the fish you find suffering on some one else's line always tastes better.
just joking
Flathead, Tabby, Yellow Cat whatever you want to call him I will take him and you keep the rest. Hang him up cut the tail off and let him bleed skin that bad boy badder and fry it don't get no better than that...........
1. Flathead

2. Bluecat

Release all others.

op(flathead), blue, then channel. nothing beats my grandma's catfish couvillion. but for fried fish, i like a cat about 12 inches long, clean but dont fillet and fry whole. best fish to fry to me
They all good as long as you get the bloodline and fat off of them.
1. Flathead
2. 4-6# channel cat
3. Blues

No mud cat

I cut the tails off of all of mine and hang em up for a few minutes. That helps for a cleaner meat. With a good fillet knife, you can easily remove the bloodlines. As far as fat, put em in a bowl in water and a little salt and throw em in the fridge for a good 8 hours. When you pull the fillets out, you'll see the fat at the top and bottom of the fillets. It turns a pale yellow.

I even eat the belly meat off of my flatheads. My friends all swore that the belly was no good but they ate it and never even knew it.
   Greg p
To cut out the blood line you remove the dark color in the meat located in the middle of the fillet.
Blue Catfish
A canal or river is fine, but not a farm pond. And the second thing I do with every catfish is cut the blood line and all the fat off of the fillet.

- Dentist Placerville