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Triple beard!

Hunted in Texas on SAT, SUN, and MON. I've just got caught up so posting now. The weather was terrible like some others have said, was like hunting in a dust storm. I got lucky and killed 2 birds in the first half hour on SAT and another on SAT evening. Found tons of sheds and shot 2 hogs also, a turkey choke and 3.5inch #4 heavy shot will kill an 80 pound pig graveyard dead at 25 yards! My buddy shot this cool triple bearded bird on SAT morning also. We were hunting around Kerrville on a goat ranch that was self guided, self called and self cooked, you can't beat that for fun!
That's cool!
We also had a guy kill a triple beard on our hunt down by Del Rio this past weekend.

Gotta love those goat ranches, except for the ticks! Does anything work in keeping them off of you. I had one attach himself in a place the good Lord didn't want anything attaching to. Then the wife had to help me remove the critter from that area and she was wondering if we went down to Mexico for a night out or something!
Big Gobblers
Awesome Birds, Congrats
Congratulations. I have a friend who went on a trip a few years ago that sounds very similar to yours.

Texas Turkey Hunt
Can you give contact info. on the ranch and prices..?