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Free Fishing Maps???

I have a buddy who is looking for free aerial maps in the Delacroix, Hopedale area. Are there any free maps, etc. for this or are they purchase only?
unless you want to use google earth, which is real nice, you can buy the new fold out maps of the area from academy for about 16 dollars.
   speck cc
i use to use google earth... if you tweak it a little you can print out full pages in color, laminate them and stick them in the boat. what i do now is just use my cell phone. if you have a blackberry, or any new phone just download the googlemaps application... it's just like google earth but mobile. you can also use it as a GPS, it shows your current location.
on my work computer i find livemaps works best.
gives more names plus for the more populated areas you can switch to birdseye view which is really close.
here is the best thing ive ever downloaded
I do believe you can get the very best maps customized the way you want for not too very much money from our frequently posting/commeniting friend, MOJO at Gulf Coast Mapping 225-355-0722office
I never get out of the shops long enough to go fishing but a gentleman who rents space from me apparently had the fever to fish today. I downloaded google earth for him and he seemed satisfied with that. Thanks for all of the help, friends.!
Check out google map and Microsoft map detail is better than any map and you can print.
the best web sit i found is and then go to maps. it is aerial photos that are so detailed you can see mud flats.
Thanks for the plug Capt. John.
Not sure why,since I haven't been by to update your photo.
Anyway,yes there are many sites available for download of sattelite and aerial photography.
Anyone can access for free.
Question is,once yo ufind the imagery,what are you going to do with it?
I have an inkjet printer that will print out 60" material,in house lamination and mounting and framing for those who wish to have their map on a wall.
Ask for Todd.

P.S.-Wait a few weeks and ask Chas Champaigne what he thinks about my maps.
I'm working on his right now.