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Since signing on with Louisiana Sportsman, I was given a pretty large task of upgrading the Louisiana Sportsman website. My first project was the Reports system. After viewing the older setup, I knew that there were going to be some major changes to the system's setup. I also came up with some ideas for User Comments, easier picture uploads, and more than one picture per report. It took about 3 months and the change was made.

I was warned that change was not an easily welcomed thing, but it was necessary for the direction we wanted the website to take. Unfortunately, after receiving suggestions and a few complaints, I realized that more needed to be done. This sparked ideas for new enhancements and changes to the current setup. I had to make a complete overhaul of the program. This is the last major change to the system, I PROMISE. It's final resting place. Any changes from now on will be minor enhancements.

User Accounts
Let's face it, anyone trying to register with my version 1.0 had a difficult time. It was a pain. I knew a drastic change was necessary.
It's easier. Much EASIER. Easier to register a login/alias. Easier to activate. Easier to change information as well.
Forgot Password
This is new. If you've forgotten your password, just enter your email address and select your Alias name. You will be issued a temporary password which will become activated once used. Once logged in, just change your Password to something you'll remember.
NEW Stats
Wonder how many Reports you have? How about pictures or comments? How about which report is the most popular? Look under the My Account and you'll see a summary. Click the Stats link for much more. Hope you enjoy.
My Account
Your Account home. Any information you have submitted to us will be shown here. Inside this area, you will a way to contact me directly. I can be reached through 4 major chat programs (AOL, Yahoo, MSN, ICQ) as well as through email. Another addition is from Enter in a corrent 5-digit zip code, you'll get your weather.
I want to make your visit to this website personal, to experience the site the way you want to. This area is incomplete at the moment, but I would appreciate suggestions.
Stay tuned for more enhancements in this area

This system is relateively the same, with one major exception, posting pictures. You can still upload 3 pics, but one at a time and with some extra words to tell more about the individual picture. This will setup a personal Louisiana Sportsman Photo Album (coming soon).

Even though this isn't the Classifieds, it's helpful to note for those who do post Ads that there is a new Sold option available.

We've added a few more entries here. Now, there is no restriction where you can post to. If you want to post in Fishing -> Louisiana, go right ahead. If you want to narrow it down to be more specific, then you can select one of those too. I will be adding multiple category/region selections in future.

There are a few more additions that I didn't mention here, such as some quick searches underneath the options. The system will progressively change from here on out. NO MORE BIG MOVES. I have plenty of ideas and enhancements to add, and they will come piece by piece. But I would also like to here any suggestions, comments, ideas, or complaints (i hope not too many) from everyone. Contact me through email, through any chat programs, or through here. Just post a report in the Technical category, or just comment to this one.
Third or fourth time
Make up "our" mind, you're stretching my last nerve!
Just checking
Just wanted to see if I could log in. Appears to have worked. Sounds like changes are for the better, so let's get it going!
Nice work.
It looks good.
I have to log in every time I want to look at the reports.
Anything I can do change that?