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Muzzleloader bullets

This is a picture of a Barnes "red hot" 180 grain bullet that I recovered from a doe. 100% weight retention and perfect expansion. The bullet went in behind the last rib, and lodged in the neck. Apparently, it did not hit any bones, but the deer still only ran 25 yards. Pretty impressive.

I was shooting the bigger 265 grain bullets from several different manufacturers, including powerbelts. All with limited success. I'll stick with this 180 grain bullet.
100% weight retention?
Did you weigh the bullet afterward? I don't see any lead left in the core of the bullet. Of course, it may bot have any lead in it to start with. I am not familiar with Barnes too much. I'm a speer man myself...

100% weight retention would be phenominal!!! The best I have seen is a swift sciroco which had 97% retention...and that was on a 500 yard shot....not to mention a bullet designed for optimum retention. If that sucker weighs 180 grains right now, they have my vote for bullets from now on. Haven't been able to find a muzzleloader bullet I was very impresed with yet.......
Didn't weigh it. Nevertheless, the bullet is hollow and appears to have all of its pieces pealed back perfectly like a banana. You've got me curious, now. I think I will weigh it.

I just thought it was unique because every other bullet I've recovered from game was demolished, and most were missing large amounts of its origninal mass. I'm sure this one would look quite different if it had hit some bone.
100% copper alloy
No lead - just copper alloy. It's made to expand and shred. From what I hear, these group well out of many muzzeloaders. I use the Shockwave in 250g and am extremely please with the performance, but that sure does look impressive. How far was the shot, and how much powder was used?
Hey check out this site, this guy seems to really know his stuff.

I just bought a new omega, and I plan to shoot barnes spitfire bullets.
One more thing
Hey Scalahan, we own 526 acres right buy you in MS, we are on the lower woodville, about 1 mile before you get to the Buffalo River. been there since 1992. The best I have killed there is a 8 point 127 B&C.
Simoneaud: Thanks for the info. I was thinking about getting an Omega b/c they're so much easier to clean than the Knight disc magnum. Have you heard anything about the Knight Revolution? They look very similar.

Are you by chance related to Wayne Simoneaud. Wayne has 600 acres to my east and north. We're on Pickneyville Rd. in b/w Woodville and Pond.

127' is a good deer. What kind of program are you on?
simoneaud properties
yes, wayne is my uncle, he bought his land right after us, my dad is claude. I thought your land was around dolorosa? we had about 300 acres on pickney ville road until 1992, we co-owned that land with Benny Neily, then we sold and moved.

I have not looked into the new knight rifles, but that website I gave you has lots of comparisons of many rifles, dig thru that site... Lots of good info.

on our 526 acres, we shoot 8 points only or 250.00 fine payable to claude. every one gets 1 doe and thats it. we only have 6 hunters. if you kill a button buck, thats 250.00 payable to claude.

we used to feed corn, til the game wardens wrote us some little papers explaining not to do that anymore.

we clear-cut 5 - 20 acres spots to get more cover, and it is starting to pay-off.

I will take a pic of my 127 B&C and post it next week.