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Concluded my quest for the turkey slam last week in South Dakota. First morning proved to be cold and windy. We got too close to the roost and not early enough and believe we spooked the birds. They never made a sound in the tree and took quite a while on the ground before 1 gobble was heard. The cold and wind had the birds held up and quiet down in the draws and we could not get on any birds all day. Finally saw a huge flock and set up on those knowing that all those eyes would prove difficult and it did. Watched 80 birds for 3 hours with no shot.
Second day proved the right one. Cold again, but the wind was much lighter and the sun broke out around 9. Off the roost was right, watched 50 birds do their deal for about 2 hours with no shot. Gave up on them and went looking. Found a bird strutting with 2 hens. Climbed a hill above them and watched for a while. When he was done he went to strutting and gobbling. Made one light yelp from above him and he locked in. Strutted, gobbled at the base of the hill, then hopped a small stream, and up the hill he came and popped up less than 15 yards away!!! GRAND SLAM done @ 10:00 on May 1!
There is a ton of game in South Dakota. Watched mule deer, antelope, white tails, pheasants, grouse, rabbits, prarie dogs, coyotes, ducks, geese, etc., and of course lots of turkeys! These turkeys are tough because they populations are high and they stay packed up pretty well. Fun hunting, lots of walking and riding.
Never thought I'd accomplish this deal in one season, but the good lord blessed me and I can't tell you how good it feels.
Turkey season done for me, now it's fishing season!
Catch em and shoot em when you can.
That's great man. That's a heck of an accomplishment. I bet you had fun going all over the country chasing em.
Congrats BMC! - Cool story

I want to try that one day!
BMC, that is great! I bet you where on cloud 9 after you killed the last bird. I hope to try to do it one year. Congrats once again on a great accomplishment!
thats a pretty good season..i had a chance for 3 sub species this year took a rio in texas on opening weekend, a eastern here at home on the second weekend of season and MISSED an oceolla in florida the week after easter...congrats....
from the pic it looks like u can find the roost trees pretty easily..LOL
That is so cool you got your Slam!
Congrats and look forward to some fishing pictures.
Until next hunting season, Take care and God Bless
That's a great accomplishment! What's next on your list? LOL