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2 Days in a row

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2nd day of fishing in a row and how the captains do it I don't know. Woke up sore from bouncing around yesterday but I sucked it up and as always, if you're catching fish all the pain just goes away. Took the father-in-law out today and had a blast watching him struggle bouncing the trout into the boat. The first stop, put 16 on ice and the old man probably lost another 8 at the boat. I'm not a big fan of nets unless the fish is good size or if is a tough day and every fish counts. We would have stayed at the first stop but a bone head boat (Key West) with 3 guys came flying in with the big motor and shut it off right when they got to me then kept going until one of the guys got his trolling motor out. He was so close I could have spit on him. Would have liked to but just not worth the frustration (I had to laugh at the ignorance). Needless to say, bite shut down, we left along with 2 other boats.Finished the day off with our limit. All fish were caught on tandem rigs with glow/chart and lsu chubs. Going to skip the weekend crowd and hit again next week although the weekday crowd is growing. Does anyone work anymore or is everyone retired????