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Mixed Bag

Mixed box of fish Friday. Against my better judgement, let some folks at the launch early Friday morning sway my opinion about how rough the lake was, so instead of plan A we went to Bayou Bienvenue to launch. Original plan was to fish Seabrook early, but instead launched at B.Bienvenue, fished the lock for a minute, then went to Seabrook to find perfectly fishable conditions! Tried our regular spot, nothing. Made a move at 8:00, then it one trout after another, then, like flipping a switch, it was over. Hindsight is 20:20, but if we'd stuck with original plan and been fishing 2 hours earlier, we'd have had a bunch of trout. Wanted to go back and get em today, it would have been killer. I'm sure everyone did well Saturday - gonna hate reading the reports! Oh, well, a Friday fishing is better than being at the office!!!!

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