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Am I Crazy OR...?

I may be losing it, but I could have sworn last year this time the Rigolets and especially Lake Borgne was a lot cleaner this time last year as opposed to now.

Would the closing of the Mr Gone have such an adverse affect on the out flow of the Rigloets, Lake St Catherine, Lake Borgne and keep these areas form getting flushed or am getting ahead of my regularly scheduled fish producing haunts in that area?

Two Saturdays ago we ran out to Biloxi marsh directly across from the train trussels to find clean water, but only produced a couple of trout.

We ran all over the place Saturday and could only find clean water in a bottle in the cooler.

Any Thoughts?
Pearl river is still pretty high.Passed pearl where it comes out in the rigolets and it was pure mud.
In the Midwest there is still a lot of water, a lot of the farmers still haven't planted their crops (at least 4-6 weeks behind)due to the fact the fields are still pretty wet and of course the ones that have planted are pumping their fields, which of course unfortunatly all flows south. The Wabash River is still high, only went below flood stage within the last 10 days or so, until it dries up in the north, it won't have a chance to clear up downstream.
Bonnet Carre' Spillway is still leaking through the needles, plenty of fresh water into Lake P................
Big Country, my father and I did the same thing on Saturday. We tried to search for clean water in Lake Borgne but it was not happening. By the time we gave up and headed to the bridges it was getting late and the bite had slacked off.
I fished the Slidell bridges saturday ( tresles, hwy. 11, and twinspans ) and the causeway on sunday and the water is merky everywhere. I have seen worse but definitly thought it should have been better for such GREAT weather. Maybe the SPILLWAY theory is the cause.
slap me in face with a trout. It never crossed my mind about the water coming thru the bonne carre. I kept trying to blame it on the wind and not my pure lack of skill or what little I have left… In the past we were able to be able to put together a decent box of fish. This year has been tough. Heck I gave a fella some advice on spots and techniques and he did outstanding, 19 decent trout, compared to the 3 flounder we invited to dinner. I guess I wasn’t holding my mouth right or my trusty trout call “Here trout, trout, trout” was being shouted in the wrong direction.

We caught plenty of hardheads, 1 black drum too big to eat, and some tiny trout.

Rigolets Marina had no live shrimp or croakers… and some very angry fishermen. LOL! When we got back I ended up giving away $40 worth of cocohoes and another hour worth of cast netting pogies to some folks in the parking lot.

I will definitely be purchasing a bait trawl and finding a better place to launch. Probably further south or southwest.

Thanks for the info guys, yall have salvaged my sanity.