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Another good day in the DU

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Took a solo trip this morning and felt like a rock star at my first spot. Hooked about 20 specks in the first 45 to an hour with only 11 specs and 1 white trout making the box. I decided to go in search of bigger trout and found out that I might have been a one hit wonder. Put 8 in the box over the next 2 hours and caught another 10 or so pecker trout. Then the money stop, of course all I needed was 6 to finish off my limit. Caught the six in a blink of an eye. Had to leave them biting, but I gave my spot to a couple of guys in a boat named "Bar Hopper". If you guys read this, let me know how you finished up in that spot. Saw pretty much everyone around me fishing the live stuff with limited success. I caught 25 specks and one nice white trout all on tandem rigs, hooking up multiple doubles. Plastics of choice was glow/chart chub in the very early morning and LSU chub in the late morning. I'll be back at it tomorrow.
Nice catch today Travis. Plastic or bust tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL Forget that live stuff, I hate catching catfish!!!!!!!!
Not buying the live stuff.....
I'm with you Marty!!!!!But can we have a plastic day PLEASE????
live stuff
Come on guys why are you all taking bad about the live stuff. I my change my name to "LiveBaits Pro Staffer".

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