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GPS Mapping Update

Hey Captain Paul! Will buying a new chip for my Lowrance give me better mapping?

I've noticed the current chip we use displays us driving over land in several aeras from Biloxi Marsh to Cocodrie.

Is there an updated chip you would reccomend?


~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Big Country BR ~

Without knowing what model of the LOWRANCE line you have, I cannot specify one type of mapping over another.

First, are you currently using a supplemental mapping program, or are you using the internal Base Map of the area?

The BASEMAP is what the name implies, a basic map of the entire U.S. It is not designed and as such does not depict the small rivers, bayous, lagoons, bays and even roads that crisscross our marshes. The base map only provides a “general” view of the area. It may not show some canals, or even rivers. This would cause a position or track that appears to on land, even if you are in a boat on a waterway.

Some of the LOWRANCE units cannot use their fine MapCreate USA TOPO Series 7 mapping program, which is based on U.S.G.S. topographical maps. I prefer mapping programs that are based on topographical maps rather than those based on NOAA Marine charts for use in our coastal marshes. I believe that they show more of the land and intricate water features that make up our marshes.

The exception is those hybrid programs that include a NOAA Marine type chart, Topographical overlays and aerial photographs. Mapping programs of this type offer the best rendition of the many intricate small waterways that make up our coastal marshes.

In order to get the best for your use in your particular unit, I suggest that you visit a stocking LOWRANCE dealer.

Pick out one of the areas where your unit indicates that you are traveling over a land mass. Mark the area with a latitude ~ longitude position. Then visit the dealer and ask to see that position in all of the supplemental maps that are available for your particular unit.

Check them all out before you plunk down your Ben Franklins for the program.

Remember that those programs that come preloaded on a memory card, include an area of coverage that the designer “THINKS” is what you need.

The MapCreate USA TOPO program requires that you select what areas you want in your unit. You design the areas and transfer the map images to your memory card which is then inserted into the GPS unit.

Check them all out before making your choice.

~ Captain Paul ~

capt paul
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Thanks Meaux!
I had not had enough coffee to read the Courier New font correctly.

Appreciate it!

Have 15XG-2 in SD For Sale
If you decide to buy a new chip, I have a 2 week old 15XG-2 that I bought for use with a Lowrance HDS unit. Went to Garmin instead so the 15XG-2 is for sale for $160. Still shrink wrapped.