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Fisherman-Ready for Outrageous Gas Prices? Better Call

CallRep. John Fleming at (202) 225-2777 or your Representative and stop the Pelosi/Waxman Global Warming Tax.

For years, Al Gore and his extreme environmental followers, like Nancy Pelosi and Henry Waxman, have tried to get Congress to pass a bill to reduce energy use in the name of "global warming". Many honest liberals supported a "carbon tax" that would simply raise the price of coal, oil and natural gas. But Gore, Pelosi and Waxman knew that this honest approach would never pass. So they devised a complicated "cap and trade" scheme. But the scheme has been exposed by an independent study released May 21 by the respected Charles River Associates. They showed that giving "free allowances" to favored companies and "returning revenue to low-income households" will do little to reduce the effects of the bill, namely to increase the costs of most goods and services Americans have to buy. By 2015, the study estimates 2.3 million jobs lost, a lowering of the average annual wage by $170, and a $730 decrease in the average household's purchasing power. These figures increase dramatically in future years as the bill is fully implemented.

Call Rep. John Fleming directly at (202) 225-2777 and urge a "NO" Vote on H.R. 2454 the "CAP and Trade" Bill.

Pelosi and Waxman have gotten as far as they have with this bill by browbeating reluctant Democrats and buying support from some industries by giving away "free" allowances. Pelosi has even refused to allow the tax writing Ways and Means Committee to hold hearings or make changes in the revenue portions of the bill. Even more outrageously, some of the "favored" industries are showing their hand. Duke Energy, a North Carolina-based company headed up by a former Enron executive (Enron helped create the first "cap and trade" scheme) has been lobbying FOR the "cap and trade" bill for over a year. Now they have asked the state utilities commission for a 13.5 percent increase in electric rates. In their filing, Duke Energy cites as one justification the future costs of a cap on greenhouse gas emissions. Duke's actions expose the hypocrisy of those who claim to support this scheme "to save the planet."

Act Now! Call Rep. John Fleming directly at (202) 225-2777 and urge a "NO" Vote on H.R. 2454 the "CAP and Trade" Bill.

I called and e-mailed Steve Scalice yesterday. People need to wake up!!! It's not just Obama trying to dismantle the country, its these quacks in the House and Senate too!!! Please everyone take the time to e-mail or call your rep/senator. Google their name and you will get the contact info.
Housing Massachusetts’ homeless is costing tax payers around $2 million per month. It costs an average of $85 per night to have families, including nearly 1000 children, stay in motels.

The Interagency Council on Housing and Homelessness admits that the use of motels for the homeless is not ideal, but is the best that can be done at this time.

Homeless advocates are worried that families are not getting the support of shelters with living rooms, kitchens, and play areas.