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Redfishin' with Pokeman Lures

Fishdux, Nightfisher, and Miss em Mike let me tag along this past weekend on a redfish round-up down in Delacroix on Saturday.

We got a little bit of a late start but poked on down to Sweetwater Marina. Capt Jack, the owner, was there to greet us as we launched. I was tempted to buy some live skrimps, (especially since they were only 20 cents) for the journey but the boys convinced me none was needed.

We hit the water runnin' and soon we checked in at duck pond number #1. We turned the corner in the bayou and you could hear the reds tearing it up ontop. A few casts the skunk streak was shattered with some fast and furious redfish action.

The boys stuck with slurps and blurps in sparkle red or a white and I was in my normal routines of tying almost every lure in the box. I snuck 1 on a gold spoon, then a in line spinner, then I switched to what the fellas refered to as the pokemon lure and that was the ticket.

After the heat started to beat down on us like a fat kid on cake, we gace it a last stitch effort to finish the last 4 of a 4 man limit, but only put 2 more on ice.

Excellent day on the water. A big thanks to Team Florida (fishdux and miss em mike) and Nightfisher for putting me on some fish. I tell ya guys after Saturday's dinner my wife might actually give me bait money. LOL!

Good times and Tight lines to yall!

Ole Scott pretty fun to fish with huh?
Can't say I've ever fished with a more enthusiastic fisherman in my life,LOL.

Hey Scott,time to go fishin with you again.
Think the trout might be starting to show up at manchac.May need to go on an evening scouting trip.
He had some kind of ringer in his pocket. I believe it was Norton Lure. Heck it looked close enough to a crab I almost pulled out a pot and some crab boil.

Have you ever seen that cat paddle a pirogue backwards? I think him and Amos Moses use to race pirogues in Tippy Toe, Louisiana.

I'm just glad we didn't have a Calcutta. I might of had to write two checks...
Aint no lie!!
I know that towards the end of the trip, his paddle was out running my trolling motor! His little boat sure let him get in some places I wasn't going!
yea had fun putting yall on some redfish cant wait for the next trip. it will b hard for me to make it to manchac todd call me 985 233 6488 ill tell ya y and also u nd to come get on these big reds
team florida
also team florida was catching redfish louisiana coonass style lol