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bruce riker

thanks for the reply on my previous question.lets concentrate on the areas around the wagonwheel and areas in that general area of the marsh.what cooridinates do you have for that area.also,what edge files do you have for that general area?i fish a skeeter zx2200 and am more comfortable in the marsh than offshore.again,thanks for the info.

~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ Bruce Riker ~

Sorry Bruce, but I don’t have an EDGE for the Venice area yet. It is in the works but until I can get out in the area to verify some of the locations, I cannot proceed with the file.

With respect to the Wagon Wheel, again I am sorry. I don’t have any thing for the area.

My Edge for Venice will cover from Joshua’s Marina to South west pass jetties, but as I said it is not yet available.

~ Captain Paul ~

I run the wagonwheel area a lot out of an air boat, and would surely never bring a 22ft skeeter bay boat any where near the wheel. Their are so many shallow water areas, and obstructions such as pipes and stumps. My bet would be an inexperienced person of the area would not last 30 minutes in the wheel w/ out beaching your bout, or riping yor lower unit cleen off. About three years ago a man and his son stopped me during duck season and asked if he could run the area in his subaru mud boat, and I tried to explian to him about the dangers. Long story short they didnt last an hour before he ripped the out drive clean out of the boat in a dead end canal, and sank the boat in 1 1/2 of water. the man treaded mud and water for 100+ yards, before any one could see him in the wheel canal, and that person was me on my way back in from fishing. find some one who knows the area real well before attempting to go. Good luck!
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