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Good day fellow fisherpersons,
Does anyone know of a launch between Baton Rouge and St. Francisville, that I can launch from to access the Mississippi? The locks aren't in operation in Port Allen, so that's a no-go...I also looked at the "launch" under the "new" bridge in Baton Rouge and that's a no-go too. I've launched at the ferry in St. Francisville before, but only in a bateau, which is doable. But I'm trying to launch an 18 ft deep vee so I need more water than the ferry landing produces....not enough angle.

I'm planning on targeting BIG catfish around the exhaust from the River Bend power plant, if I can ever get out there.

Any helpful direction would be greatly appreciated.
I have not used it but I think that there is a launch on the east side of the river at the new bridge in BR. Have seen boat trailers parded at the levee when I cross the new bridge.
I've seen them launching boats by the St. Francisville Ferry
There is a launch about a mile south of the ferry by the "matt-yard". Nice concrete launch. I used to launch a 21' deep vee. The only problem is as someone mentioned yesterday in another post, you have a lot of scruffy looking dudes that buy a case of beer and cruise up and down the road.(kinda' like something out of the movie Deliverence without the 'banjo music'...)
Thanks, I'll go check it out and let you know how it looks.
I have launched there, but in a 16' bateau...can't launch there in a deep vee tho...
Is it between the mat yard and the ferry? Or on the S side of the mats?

launch locator. just select what parish.
before you get to the ferry there is a gravel road on the left. just after the big curve. It will go right by the matt field. stay on the road about a 1/4 to 1/2 mile you can't miss the launch. I have launched and seen several big v-hull boats launched there. When I was in highschool we used to party down there with the scruffy old dudes, there cool. The river is low right now so you just have to check it out.
Thanks, useful site.

That should point me in the right direction. Thanks

I'll let yall know what it looks like as soon as I get out there.