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LSU chubs

I am from Texas but I am aout to come down to New Iberia to visit and fish. It realy bugs me when I see all of yall cating LOADS of specks and reds on LSU chubs When i have no clue what they even are.
If you Could show me a picture, tell me where to buy them, how to fish them, ect...
lsu chub
if im not mistaken...lsu just means purple/chatruese tail....this applies to any plastic that color...chubs is just a kind of soft plastic tail...reaction is the brand, chub is the model..reaction bayou chub...

personally i do think its strange, being chartruese is not gold, but hey, whatever...its alot quicker/easier to say lsu than it is to say purple with a chartruese
reaction lures
Pick them up at the academys in texas. Part of the reaction lures. Purple with chartreuse tail. They are usually plenty everytime I stop by an academy in the houston area. Usually won't have them in stock at the academy's here.
bayou chubs
I just got off of the phone with the makers of the Bayou Chub this morning and placed an order for 50 LSU and 50glow/chartruese colors. A bag of 50 will run you ten dollars and some change. The number is 800-256-2075. Hope this helps. They are located in Many, La.
I just got off of the phone with the makers of the Bayou Chub this morning they told me that people from Texas cant use them.
LSU Chubs
Actually, Mike,the chartreuse tail on the Chub is actually more yellow-gold than chartreuse. It is different than any of the other plastic minnow imitations which makes it unique and why is outfishes most other plastics.
They are redily avaiable in most of the Academy stores in and around the Houston area.
Go to Bass pro in Texas
One picture is worth a 1000 words.
Country Station in Broussard
I get mine at the Country Station in Broussard. Grab a pack of Saltwater Assassin's, Chicken-on-a-Chain 4" sea shad while you there. I've had success the last four weekends with them. I also use the LSU and Black/Chartreuse Bayou Chubs.
LSU fan???
The question should have been are you an LSU fan? I not the answer is they only sell LSU chubs to fans from Louisiana.J/J Good luck fishing our great waters!
Man...what is the color of LSU?? Purple and Gold. However, the tail is more of a Yellow then gold. But come on. Use some common sense.