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Delacroix Report:

Good trout bite this morning in Breton Sound. Little bumpy on the way out with the SE wind. Set the pole up current of a reef and started hauling big trout in the boat. The fish were 14-21". We measured and threw back 2 trout today. The fish wanted live shrimp carolina rigged. The artificials held their own, but could not keep up with the shrimp today. We burned through 200 live shrimp and were still catching on the artificials. A big rain cell formed SW of us and headed our way. We pulled and ran east to another reef, but it was occupied. We hopped around a couple of wells, but did not produce. Saw a window in the rain to get back to the marsh and decided to take it. Hit a couple of inside spots while waiting out a big cell over Delacroix. There were big cells behind us too. A very close lightning strike was the last straw and we headed for the barn. The outside bite is still strong. The weather for the weekend looks good. Get out there and catch some.

Captain Jeff J. Dauzat
Fin and Feather Guide Service