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mount price

can someone tell me what is a good price to get a bull red mounted? i took measurements and pictures...........some one told me $16 an inch, but that sounds way too expensive to me.............any input would be great
I looked into mounting one a couple years ago and the prices I got were $10-$11 per inch. A 44 inch redfish was gonna cost me $450. I decided to take a nice picture and eat it. Fiberglas replicas were just as expensive. I would be surprised if you found a taxidermist to do it for less than $12 per inch today. Maybe find a guy who is just learning or does them at cost as a hobby. Might not be as sharp as a pro, but much less expensive.
i'll keep looking.........i'm def. not paying $16 and inch
its expensive
I got one done about 5-6 years ago and everyone wanted 10-12 per inch. I'd bet it is around 15 or so now. I was able to find someone in larose for 5 and inch, but that was 5-6 years ago. I got a 42 inch done for 210.

Bad part is i don't have his name or his number. I only know where he lives and I don't even know if he still does mounts.

I know its not too helpful, but there are better deals out there.
Its expensive for saltwater
I just had a 8lb 5oz bass done that I caught at Flase river in March. Its cost me 320 I know its expensive but the guy dose awsome work and it was well worth it. That was the 2nd bass he mounted for me and I know the quality of work he dose. To me its all about the quality.
I paid 13.00 per inch!
Mount Price
I had a large speckled trout mounted a little over a year ago by Southeast Taxidermy in Marrero. It cost me $13 per inch. They did an excellent mount.
hey the guy that wants this fish mounted lives in cut-off, so mabey you can e-mail me his address or something and he can try to look him up?

ps.---------thanks for everybody's input
Redfish Mount Price
Hey rat red,
I might be able to help you out with the redfish mount. I have been doing fish mounts for about fourteen years to save my friends and family some money and as a hobby of mine. If you email me the size of the fish then I can shoot you a quote along with some pictures of my work if you're interested.
Re: mount price
Are you still doing mounts. I have a 36” red I was thinking about mounting