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Slimin' a cooler close to Baton Rouge

Has anyone ever fished in the pockets along the south shore of Pontchartrain just east of Bonne Carre and West of Kenner. I was looking for a little more information on the area and wanted to make sure I wasn't trespassing in the search for some redfish and maybe a few trout. Going across I10 I always see several trucks parked at a little landing/camp and was curious if it was public launch? From google it all appears navigatable, but i want to make i am doing the right thing.

Thanks for any info fellas.

are you talking about launching at Bonnet Carre Spillway? If so, you can access that launch from Airline Hwy near LaPlace. You can also go north on HWY 51 from the LaPlace exit and launch at Peavine into Pontchartrain. That end of Ponchartrain is a little fresher water than the rest of the lake. Not too many trout unless it hasn't rained in quite a while.
marsh posted
Most of that marsh between Kenner and the Bonnet Carre Spillway (LaBranche Wetlands) is private property. Some of it is posted. You can access it via the Parish Line Canal on the East side, but that canal is soon to be closed for 4 years for new floodwall/levee construction. I've never fished in there, and rarely see anyone in there. I drive that bridge every day. There are 3 public launches in the Bonnet Carre, 1 on each side at US 61, and 1 under I-10 on the east side. Those camps you see from I-10 are duck clubs. There are a half dozen or so camps in there.

2 weeks ago we fished the cross cut canal in Bonnet Carre and under the little train bridge and caught some gafftops and croakers, and 1 lost 14" Redfish.
Thank you
Appreciate the info guys!
West End of the Lake
Like the others have said....Launch in Norco or Pevine....both nice launches......was out there Sunday (before the wind made us head in).....A few big Gafftops (put 'em back).....and few nice croakers (made it to the pan).......and just as I found a few little specks, we had to head in....

This end of the lake isn't as productive as the East end. but it's getting better every year.....

Drop me a mail if you want a few GPS spots....

Tight Lines..*S*

And be safe, as the lake whips up quick out there....