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Nickel Reef

Does anybody know about Nickel Reef and the GPS coordinates?
I read an article about it in this magazine a couple of years ago.

~ Captain Paul's response to: ~ GPS and LOST ~

Nickel Reef is a local name given to a small reef in the outer reef area of the southern part of East Cote Blanc Bay, about 11.7 miles SSW (230º Mag) from Point Chevreuil. It is located at or about 29º 25.078’ N. Lat. ~ 91º 42.308’ W. long., It is a small slender reef that is in a north to south direction. It is about 6 miles SSE of South Point of Marsh Island.

ALSO, The Louisiana Wildlife & Fisheries has an Inshore Artificial Reef site, called Reef Nickel. It is located at or about 29º 25.178’ N. lat ~ 91º 42.457’ W. long., which is slightly North West of the existing Nickel reef.

In addition there is another reef located northwest of the Nickel Reef site. The center of this banana shaped reef that is in a north west to southeast direction, is located at or about 29º 27.078’ N. lat. ~ 91º 43.380’ W. long.

Use caution navigating to the location, as a straight-line course from Point Chevreuil will place you over and or near several other reefs in the area. Several of these reefs are just below the water surface.

I strongly suggest that you secure NOAA chart # 11351-Point au Fer to Marsh Island. This chart covers the area that you are describing. It will allow you to view the numerous other reefs though out the area as well as the two mentioned above.

All bearings are listed in magnetic degrees, all positions are listed as DD,MM.MMM and were determined using WGS 84 datum.

By the way, I have a program that includes many of the hot spots in and around the Vermillion Bay area. I call the program CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE OF GPS WAYPOINTS for VERMILLION BAY. It is available ONLY from the Louisiana Sportsman’s OUTDOOR STORE in this web site.

The Vermillion Bay EDGE-1 contains over 204 waypoints in and around the VERMILLION BAY ~ WEST COTE BLANCHE BAY area. It is unit specific, by that I mean that there are different programs developed for GARMIN, MAGELLAN, LOWRANCE and MAPTECH software.

The entire data file of over 200 waypoints can be downloaded into your GPS receiver within two minutes.

I call the Programs, CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE,” because I believe that they will give the fisher an advantage in getting to, finding fishing spots, moving around, and getting back from some of the more favorite fishing areas in the state.

The “CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE” is a very unique ELECTRONIC MEDIA program that can be downloaded directly into various GPS units from their manufacturer’s Mapping program or via several of Maptech’s mapping software programs. This technology saves countless hours of having to manually enter each separate waypoint value into the GPS receiver.

The entire procedure of loading over 200 odd waypoints from a CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE file takes less than three minutes from the time you view the email file to the time that they are loaded in the GPS receiver.

Presently I have NINETEEN Captain Paul’s Fishing Edge Files. They include Barataria Bay, Lake Borgne, Hopedale to the Miss Sound, Hopedale to Bayou Terre Boeufs, Delacroix to Point a la Hache, Bayou Bienvenue, Port Sulphur, Lake Calcasieu, Lake Pontchartrain, Myrtle Grove-Lake Hermitage, Empire to Buras, Leeville-West, Leeville-East, Lafitte, the Pearl River WMA, VERMILLION BAY, The Rigolets, Big Branch NWR, and Bayou Sauvage NWR.

To download The CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE program(s) in your GPS, you MUST have FIVE items.

FIRST, a GPS Receiver; SECOND, that manufacturers Mapping Program or its Waypoint Manager software; THIRD, a computer with a connecting cable to the GPS unit or data card; FOURTH, a valid E-Mail Address that accepts attachments, and FIFTH, a CAPTAIN PAUL’S FISHING EDGE FILE.

Separate Program Files are designed for GARMIN, MAGELLAN, LOWRANCE GPS receivers and their mapping programs as well as for MAPTECH TERRAIN NAVIGATOR. These Edge files are NOT interchangeable.


The OUTDOOR STORE link button may be found in red banner on the left side of the SPORTSMAN’s HOME PAGE. The Captain Paul's FISHING EDGE button is also located on HOME page in the side banner on the LEFT side of the page.

From the site, simply follow the instructions for ordering from the Louisiana Sportsman’s Shopping Cart.

~ Captain Paul ~

~ Captain Paul ~
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