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Just wanted to do a little poll for the moderators.

Seems some folks are complaining that the classifieds contain "non hunting and fishing" related items. Yes I am aware that the site says it must be hunting and fishing related.

However, I for one would like to see it open to any item posted by a registered user. In fact, we bought a dryer for our camp off of this site.

What say you?
LSM just needs to add an additional search column for "everything else" then the problem will be cured. It seems that since the economy has failed us LSM has gotten more people listing other items than outdoors items to make ends meet and pay those bills. So for me either way is fine. Gary
I gave away 8 - 36" tall cement pillars on this site that had nothing to do with hunting. But the guy that came get them was putting them under his camp. With that said, if LSM wouldn't have allowed me to post these items, I wouldn't have been able to help out a fellow sportsman! I say leave it as is. I they want to pull something, pull the rights to post from the jacka$$'s stirring the pot.
rock the vote
tis the man that speaks his mind will lay the wedge to split the great wall!!

Confucious 1669'
"Every man a vote, a car in every garage, and a chicken in every pot for all americans"

Herbert Hoover 1928
don't mind, but.....
I don't mind what people sell, as long as its legit(bull dogs). But, I wish there was a way to filter what ads you look at. I know you can click the browse button and select 1 category. I would like to select multiple adds I want to see. Such as:
flat boats
and so on.
Just my $.02

It could be Worst!!Like all the old and last year pictures that are being posted!!!!
Anything Goes
I don't mind passing stuff i'm not interested in,as long as it is legit.
its all good
if you see something your not interested in just pass it up

if your looking for a specific item then use the search option
Please leave it the way it is, I am tired of change!!! But I do agree that the scams have to go so it does not turn into craigslist. I subscribe to Louisiana Sportsman magazine and I am on this site every day, I enjoy both. Thanks louisiana sportsman!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great the way it is !!
It is great the way it is....I have sold and purchased many items on La Sportsman classified... I actually window shop most days.. I'm currently in the market for a tractor and have been watching very hard.. Please leave it alone..except them dang bulldogs..
Leave it alone !!
Again I don't know about anyone else, but I have purchased many Items from the clasifeds on here ! from a 17k genny for my home in Montegut down to a Potters wheel and a Kiln for my daughter in cali. neither of which is exactly hunting and fishing equipment !!but the folks I bought them from were hunters and fishermen !! and so am I !! whats wrong with someone just skipping the adds that are not of interest to them !! Boy some folks would Bit--h with there cahones in a vise !! LOL Just my 2 cents Capt Bob
Please dont change a thing!I buy lots of stuff off of here.
You get about400 rpm per every step up in pitch . If you get 5000 with a 21, you should get 5800 with a 23. This ain't exact but good measure for any boat. It great you know wot for your boat Too.
If It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix IT!!!
I like the classifieds here. If you look at a truck, you know it's an individual selling it not some used car lot, etc...
i think corksucker got lost,, some one find him a map!....

keep it the way it is

plain and simple, one mans junk is another mans treasure
I'd also like to see a "SOLD" section. I like to see what sells and how much it went for. Kinda gives me an idea if it was a deal or not.
One Minor Change is Needed
There needs to be a 2 month delete policy, everything that has been on there for 2 solid months gets automatically deleted - too much crap on it that hasn't sold for months and people keep posting it many times over, multiple posts for the same junk needs to be better regulated too. Heck of a place to buy, sell and trade -- nothing better out there.
Hooked1, I cannot agree with you more, the only thing that is bad, is the multiply post on here for the same thing. Also after 2 months it needs to be deleted, if it is sold, that should be gone also. There is nothing wrong with all the junk on here, as someone said. One mans junk is another mans treasure.
Its great like it is, I`m sure it has helped a lot of people.
I think it is great the way things are, however I agree with having a 2 month delete policy and I think business/professional seller types(ie. theboatyard and others) shouldn't be allowed. these people just keep cluttering up the classifieds with junk. whenever you go to look at stuff you gotta look through 20-30 cars and 10-15 boats from people trying to make a living. I think it should be limited to like 2-3 posts up at one time.
...I got ruffled a few times from a militant midget reporter...but all in all it's a great site...sold many things without having to run an expensive newspaper ad ...thanks LSM
its hard
As some of you have posted "TIMES ARE HARD". If it is not illegal I would like to see it posted. In these hard times people need the money. Items SELL on our website, everything from dogs, to cars to jewelery. I am a Moderator for LSM, we would have to have someone watching the classafieds 7 days a week 24 hours a day. There is thousands of visitors a day on the classifieds section and hundreds of posters every week. There is a "search" section if you are looking for anything in particular. We have a section for just about anything that a seller wants to sell. If there is a complaint it should be about people posting the same item time after time after time. Post it once then if it dont sell remove it and repost it in a few days. This would eliminate alot of the post. Good luck to the sellers..
Great input
Thanks for all the input, folks. We know the classifieds are important to you, and certainly want to ensure it remains so. Randy Norred is correct: Close monitoring of the classifieds is very difficult because of the traffic. However, we are watching and doing what we can to keep it clean.

Unfortunately, where there is a buck to be made, there will be those who will be out to scam people. So we're watching for those troublesome posts. I would ask that you email me or one of the moderators if you suspect any scams, and we can check it out.

So for now, we're not making any changes.

Thanks, TP, for throwing the issue out so the users could sound off.
It Works...
Thank You LSM for giving us this Venue to buy and sell and Keeping it FREE!

Keep it the way it is and if you want help policing the adds or for that matter Post in the Reports section; add a "Report to Moderator" feature to help You'gize police Your site or make Your email address easier to find.