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just a question?

I read that I can carry a .22 pistol loaded with #12 rat shot as a side arm for primative season. Wondering if anyone can tell me if semiautos jam with rat shot and what is my best options. stick with a revolver or semiauto or a nice semiauto. Whats the best thing to take? I'm a Soldier stationed at Fort Polk but i'm from Shreveport and have land just south of Ark. Been gone about 8 yrs and finally got home and looking for the new scoop!!!!

thanks for any info and have a safe meat filled season
stick with the revolver, alot less headache than a auto with rat shot, you can carry #12 rat during bow season, good luck.
I have killed alot of snakes with .22
You'd probably be better off with the revolver, however the semi's would probably work. I'd go with which ever one you won't mind shooting pellets from a rifled barrel, as I would think some extra wear could occur on the rifling from the pellets. Just my .02...
Be careful
I dont know about the rat shot jammin your gun but whatever you dont bring any other gun with you. I got a ticket two years ago for possession of a firearm while bow hunting. It was a 45 for protection. It will cost you $1500 , hunting privilages for a year and supervised probation for a year. It aint worth it i can promise you.
I use an old raggly JC Higgins 22 revolver with #12 ratshot when I'm building stands or hackin trails or walking through the swamp or anything like that. Anything inside of 10 yards is death, and I've yet to have any problems with it. If you have a really nice pretty ruger single six, I probably wouldnt shoot ratshot out of it just for fear of screwing the barrel up. But if you have an old neglected ugly revolver like I do, blast away.
My 2 c
These are the best ammo to use they will not cycle in a auto but the pellets are in a plastic cap.

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