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Been hiding at the hospital

It good to hear that people are getting in the woods and enjoying the new hunting season. Wish I could join yall. I have been off all week and haven't stepped foot in the woods.

Been at the hospital for much of that time. Computer time has been limited as well.

Anyway as some of yall already know my daughter Toni is in the hospital right now. She has/had pneumonia and something else. Pneumonia has pretty much been licked but the cause of the pneumonia is next on the doctors hit list. Test have been taken blood samples etc and sent off to labs all over the country. Whatever it is they won't know till the results come back. It will take longer than normal because whatever it is they think it is something pretty rare. They have asked permission to publish her case assuming they can figure out what it is exactly. They expect they will.

A lung scope will be done tomorrow morning. More samples will be taken but mainly the same type of test that are already taken but these should be better because they will be directly from the source and not just blood test.

If all goes well she will go home Thursday. Once they know what the problem is they will simply give her the proper medication (probably a pill) and she will get better.

It could be mold, parasite or bacteria. So although they think it will be an easy fix once the test results come back they can't start fixing it till they know what it is.

Basically she feels normal again as long as she doesn't laugh hard, cough, or take a deep breath. All of that hurts her chest pretty badly.

So that is why I have not be online lately. Good luck hunting and I hope to join those ranks real soon.
sayin' a prayer for your girl.
Will definately send up a prayer for your daughter and your family. Best of luck with the blood tests hope for a speedy find and fix.
Good luck with your daughter.
prayers and plenty more
prayers for Toni. best wishes
Get well soon
The Dukreaper household sends our best wishes and our prayers are going out for you guys. I know this is stressful for your entire family, and I'm sure Toni will get well soon.
Your girl
Your daughter is in our prayers also. There's some bad respiratory stuff out there. Hopefully her docs are very diligent and are on top of things.
get well soon
I'll keep her in my thoughts & prayers
no limit
there's no limit on prayers so here's another hoping ms.toni gets well soon
Toni will be fine
Mike, please rest assured the Lord will take care of your daughter and provide the comfort you and your family need. Leave it in His hands my brother. You, Toni and your family will be in my prayers. God Bless you.
Prayers sent,never underestimate the power of prayer!!Hope everything comes back fine,keep us updated.