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Concealed Carry Permits

Chris Holmes, you out there? Completed my necessary course, got printed, got photo'd, mailed all my packet into Florida for my permit. Now i'm hearing that Louisiana will no longer recognize the Florida permit. Everyone that I talked to before doing this said to get the Florida permit. More reciprocity, less frequent re-certification, yadda yadda yadda. Anyone know any more?
I think that what you saw in the classifieds is BS, the guy is just trying to drum up some business. According to the law any state that accepts LA lic, will be accepted here.
Carry away...
Look here:

Looks like you're fine to carry in LA and many other states.
My little brother is giving concealed permits classes now. Look him up on the web site
Give him a call, maybe he can help you. His name is Mike and all his information is on the web site.
IT WILL NOT be Valid
Go to this address to find out the info.
Glad I got mine in louisiana , am legal to carry and shoot .
open carry
Why are so many people concerned with concealed carry?Louisiana is an open carry state and the law cannot be changed!If you want to carry concealed why not open carry?I do it on a regular basis and have never had any problems.Check out
why concealed
Dont know for sure but , when I go out no one knows I have it , on the other hand should something go wrong and there is a robbery or hold up or whatever , everyone can see what you have on your side making you the first target of the bad guy and maybe even a cop might mistake you for the bad guy , you lose the element of surprise . And if you think just having it on your side intimidates , it don`t just makes you the first target . Plus people look at people with guns hanging on their side not in a good way .
open carry
I have never had any bad looks or comments for carrying.The only thing that I could see someone being a target for carrying would be in a bank robbery in which case you cant carry in a bank anyways.Do you honestly think someone about to commit a crime is gonna take someone out before they commit a crime.I dont think so!As far as being intimidating thats not what its about.
Do what ya want
To each his own .
Florida CC

Sorry for the delay in responding. I've been on the road for two weeks and missed your post.

I just received the info today about Louisiana no longer recognizing the Florida non-resident CC permits.

I have a call in to the Louisiana State Police for an explanation. The Louisiana law provides that a permit issued in another state is valid in Louisiana. I don't know under what authority the State Police (Deputy Secretary for Public Safety)has to circumvent State law.

I'm waiting for an explanation.

I'll update as soon as I find out. However, according to the La CC website:

"Effective immediately, Louisiana no longer honors non-resident permits issued by the State of Florida."

If this is correct, many in Louisiana (including me) are now carrying illegally.

I'll update as I get more information.
Good News--for now.
After contacting the State Police, they have now confirmed that their action to no longer recognize Florida non-resident Concealed Carry permits was not in compliance with the Louisiana statutes, they have rescinded order. These permits are valid for now. They do intend to address this issue in the legislature next year.

Here's my thoughts:

If they do ban the Fl non-resident permits, they should at least grandfather in the permit holders until their permit expires. These permits were legal when obtained and therefore the permit holder should be able to get their full money's worth from the permit.

If they are basing this action on the lower training requirements to get a Florida CC permit then they should also not have ANY reciprocal agreement with Florida honoring their resident CC permits because it requires the SAME training.

We'll see how this plays out in the Legislature. Here's a copy of the e-mail I received noticing that Louisiana will continue, for now, to recognize Florida non-resident CC permits:

"Mr. Holmes,

In review of the statute discrepancy, Col. Edmonson has rescinded the amended reciprocal agreement. We expect this issue to be addressed in the upcoming legislative session. As for now, Louisiana will honor all Florida permits.

Please feel free to contact my office if you have any other questions.

-Sgt. Clay Reavis"

keep us informed
Chris, Please keep us informed on when this issue comes up for review. This way we can contact our legislators.
we are suppose to be the united states of america?? but, every state has their own rules, go figure, united, i don't think so????? one state says you can't carry a weapon in your vechicle, the other says no, one says, the window tint can be so much, and the other says something different, what to do??? if we are united, why shouldn't every state have the same rules?? we are suppose to be the united states of america, but we sure ain't to united!!! we are really a screwed up country??? don't mention states rights!! hate to say it, but just wait till our great president finishes with us????????????????????????????
Why would you need to go to Florida to get a cc permit. I think you should only be allowed to get the permit in the state you that you live in. I had no problems getting mine in Louisiana. I thought it was fairly easy. I could understand them not wanting to have a Louisiana resident with a Florida permit when they live in Loiusiana and they issue them. Just my thought on the matter.
Got mine through Florida also
If the Louisiana process was less a pain in the neck I would have paid more and kept the money here but the total cost to do it here was amazingly different. i dont mind a clause or amendment saying take the LA course to validate the Florida carry agreement. Thats fine!!! Here is the thing, bad guys are not taking safety classes and volunteering fingerprints to the FBI in Florida or Louisiana. Again making restrictions for the WRONG people. Tell the truth ya ever learned anything about safety in a safety class. Safety is common since and not putting yourself in a position of Danger. Not a pill you can take to fix Stupid..
abeast i hear ya, this is kind of a weird deal. Although we are United states each state is to be given its own governing hence own rules and it should be this way. The problem is our individual rights and freedoms should trump state or federal rules. Problem is the states start individually folding on this so we lose our rights state at a time... And now its on a federal level. So like u said we are done!!
LSP change
Florida permits are valid again.
LSP took the memo off the website and will address the issue in the legislative session.

for more info: go to
Bound by laws.
As much as they would like to make things up as they go, the LSP are bound by existing federal and state laws. The law currently says that any state that accepts LA CCP, then LA accepts that state's CCP as well. Now in the next session if they lobby to change the law to not accept FL CCP anymore then that's how it would be. But we all know that as soon as LA quits accepting Fl, then guess what FL will also quit accepting LA. So in essence if they start changing these type of reciprocating agreements you will eventually need a CCP license from every state you go in carrying concealed. Like everything else this is about money.
While on the subject...
Just think how nice it would be to have a federal hunting license that would allow you to hunt on federal land, land owned by the BLM. Every national forest in usa could be hunted using this license. These lands are patrolled by federal game wardens and no state money is used but they want you to pay them just because the national forest is in their state. I think it's a shame, I would love to be able to hunt elk in CO, moose in Maine, deer in MS on federal land using my federal license, but because states are greedy I can't. Add up the license cost and fees the way it's set up today and unless you are wealthy you can't afford to hunt "public" land. Just wanted to vent some frustration regarding greedy states like the one we live in. This will eventually happen with the CCP, you won't be able to afford to have one.
actually you can carry in a bank. Thats a very common misconseption. really only place you cant carry is federal buildings, schools, and believe it or not you cant conseal in your own home.