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8-Point Rule

What do you guys think about an 8 Pt. Rule ?
Not where I hunt.
I don't agree w/ just a general 8pt. rule.
If your going to set any rules, I'd say 15 inch + rule.
But really I think people should just shoot deer on age,and whether the deer is truly a trophy to them or not. Just doing this would increase rack size.
not good
an 8 pt. rule is almost as bad as mississippi's old 4 pt. rule. You'd be shooting your more desirable genetics and letting the scrubs pass on their genes. In our club's opinion it is best to go by age. Spread doesn't work either. My buddy took a 12 ptr a few years back that scored over 150 and it had a 14 inch spread...(it had major mass and tine length). Good luck with your decision making. It is tough to get everyone on the same page!
Buck Rule
I like a buck rule, and to have a choice of points, beam length, and body weight. To exceed any of the three would be a shooter. I know a lot of people don't agree with a weight but hide the head and it should look like a buck not a doe.
no biggy
Where I hunt we have 16inch inside spread, 20 inch main beam, and must be 8point or better
The Rule!
I think the rules we have now are working best!

All you horn hunters can impose you "special" rules on your Private or Leased land!
I agree. I hunt private land and after the time I've spent putting up stands, feeding, etc., if I want to shoot a "scrub" buck I will.
Don't like the idea
Why do some people want more RULES, if you want a bunch of rules stay at work and let the rest of us enjoy the outdoors.Follow the state rules or shoot what makes YOU happy.Quit trying to take the fun out of hunting.We went from being able to kill 6 bucks to 3 bucks,what more do yall want?
Just my thoughts
I have not ever agreed with the simple size, points, or spread limits as a rule. This practice is not and has been proven time and time again not to be the way to improve a local herds harvest. I have seen many young eight pointers and many old 3x3's. Clubs institute all kinds of rules that are not proven and are at best only suggestive by a biologist. Usually, the rules are known upfront so you get what you get. Simply put, if you shoot young deer with good genetics they cannot grow to big horned deer. I have seen some specific clubs that try to limit young buck harvest's and seem to be doing fine with their results. If you want to eat some deer meat I suggest harvesting a mature doe.
I cannot see how someone would sit with a young hunter and not allow them to harvest a mature buck or doe. This is a way to really discourage a new hunter from entering our sport. I would also invite Mr. Outdoor Ed to comment as I know he has plenty of experience and training in this very specific arena as he got me involved in the Master Wildlifer series a few years back.
Both sides
I've had the privilege of hunting all over the state and into Mississippi on clubs with rules ranging from state regulations to ridiculously stringent rules (one club mandated a minimum score of 145 inches on any bucks killed). Which one is the best? I've come to understand that it's all in perspective.

I still love to shoot deer. Watching one jump and run, no matter what it's got sprouting from its head, gives me an adrenaline rush. So state regulations work for me (that's what we follow on my lease).

However, some of my most-memorable hunts have come from clubs where the chances of seeing a club-legal shooter were very small. The biggest buck I've ever seen on the hoof spent 30 to 45 minutes within 30 yards of my stand tending a doe I had shot. It was awesome. On these kinds of clubs, does are usually wide open so that provides plenty of shooting opportunities.

Is there a perfect buck rule? Probably not. So I think the key is to know what you're getting into when you join a club, and then get out and have a great time.
OK....I'll bite
The trophy is in the eye of the beholder. There are many factors that govern antler development, but probably the main one is age. If you shoot a 2.5 year old deer, there is a 100% chance he won't get any bigger....that is fact.

For what it's worth, when hunting for bucks, I shoot for belly size, not antler size. This gives me the opportunity to harvest what I am sure is a mature deer. If I just want meat....I shoot a doe. That is just me.....I look down on no one who chooses a different path.

There is one facet of hunting however that none of us should ignore....and that is hunter management. Without appeasing hunters the hunting club does not exist in most cases. Hunters have to have hope. Education is the key.

I can't tell anyone what their idea of a trophy is......only myself. I will not deny someone the feelings that I felt when I harvested my first buck......especially a child. I can only control myslef.

The greatest inch of wildlife management is your trigger.
8 point
I hunt by that rule now which i chose to do on my own.
I like to shot 8 or better and with 3 buck tags thats what I will do I don,t want to use tag on a small buck.
Just a few questions, these are not bashing anyone's hunting preference, just asking a question;

Why do people associate killing a deer with fun? Some people say that deer management "takes the fun out of hunting." How is that? Is killing a deer the only fun part of hunting?

Some people also say that they don't care how big a deer is and that "...a spike tastes better than an old 10 point." Is that supposed to mean that if a spike and a 10 point are standing side by side then that hunter will shoot the spike? Or will that hunter shoot the bigger deer?

Personally, I like management. Our club now shoots 13" inside spread and 15" main beams. Next year we are going to 15" spread and 17" beams. In the 80's and early 90's, our only rule was horns had to be at least 3". Some people wouldn't see a buck all season. Now, it is common to see 4 or 5 bucks a day! One day last year I saw 8 racks!

When we didn't have a mangement plan in place, we never saw bucks chasing does, heads down and grunting. Now we see it all the time during the rut. A management plan has made our hunting 100% better.

Now, before I get attacked, I am not saying that the only bucks that should be legal are 150" 10 points. What I would like to see is letting us kill a buck of choice and after that have some sort of requirement. I don't care to see someone killing 3 60 pound button bucks. That, to me, is absurd.
Management is indeed part of the total hunting package and is a great way to educate younger hunters in the care of a resource. I's not the's the total experience. BUT.....Louisiana has too many diverse habitats that a blanket management plan can not address. Each region has a certain potential for deer management: population density, carrying capacity, soil fertility, regional farming practices, neighboring landowner practices, and hunter density.

What one club can do with a property along the Mississippi River.....another cannot do in the swamps of extreme south La. The resources and soil fertility are different. I agree......all clubs should have a reasonable, REACHABLE goal set according to the habitat type that they are in........the best way to know what your expectations of a property should be is to contact one of the private land biologists with the LDWF in your region and get insight to what your particular habitat type can sustain.
I saw this buck twice this year in day time and he looks better than the picture looks, probably 4.5 Years old. I also saw 2 other 7's 2-8's, 1-9 and a big 6 and several small racks and a bunch of spikes off of the same stand. Thanks for all the input I think I like a buck rule just wish we could get some help from our neighbors, no telling what you could have ( even in Louiaiana )
To each his own a doe to some will be a thropey and thats ok if that is what you want.Myself iam the only deer eater in my house so i shoot one doe then i wil hunt horns only. 8 point rule works good but dont expect to shot 8pt bucks the following year. This is what was happening on my lease, we were la. law for several years and takeing 30 deer a yearwith 1 or 2 ok rack bucks, so then we start seeing less and less deer . then we went to 4pt or better for two years deer harvest numbers down to be expected now we are on our seconed year of 8pt or better we killed 2 big 8's 2 big 10,s and 2 big 9s. It works just have to give it time, and dont listen to the ones that say if clubs around you arnt doing it that it wont work.But remember you also have to manage youre members PLEASE NO BASHING this is what works for me. hey my first buck was a 3pt and hes on the wall next to mt 167" 13pt and just as much as a thropey to me
after reading everyone's post
Most everyone has the same outlook, we like to hunt trophy bucks. I moved to iowa this past winter so i could hunt up in monster territory. After hunting with a bunch of locals up here, the same story comes out no matter were we live. A trophy buck to one man is different from person to person. I would have to agree with a true moster would be a 7 year old deer, no matter if he's a 20 pointer or 4 pts. Smart,old,wise,and illusive bucks are the trophy. hitting on a couple other points. Just to hit on another post i was reading down in October. It sure was nice for Louisiana hunters to be able to kill 6 deer of choice and now 3 and 3. Up here you can kill 1 buck with bow, and your pick of 1 buck with either shotgun 1or2 but not both or muzzeloader early or late. But u can only pick one.
Here is the part that is interesting, there is very few guys up here that actually hunt. Most just group hunt, make drives and try to kill off a bunch of does. Out of all the guys i hunted with we let lots of deer run. They had to be big bodies no small bodies allowed except for the kids.
the rule on the farm hunts if you shoot it you mount it, if you don't then you can't hunt anymore. So in that aspect, if you kill a 2 year 6 pt you should mount it. Be proud of what ever you kill, and always enjoy your time in the woods. Remeber it's all about the hunt and not the kill.