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Remington Feeder Battery Problem

I have had it with my $99.00 Remington feeder. This thing eats batteries like crazy. I went through at least seven batteries last season, so this year I bought two rechargeable batteries with thoughts of rotating them as needed.

The problem is they are completely dead within a week of putting them in. A Moultrie on the same property went all season last year with one battery.

Has anybody else had this problem with the Remingtons? Does anybody have any ideas what could be wrong? I'm heading out to get another Moultrie, but I don't want this one to go to waste.
I have had better luck with mine. Mine is 3 years old and has stayed afield and never come in. I maybe use 3 batteries per season and start feeding in September.. I find entergizer batteries work the Best in all the feeders. The Cheap ones dont last long at all. I am a big fan of re- chargables though. I bought the 6 v 5ohm ones. they are bigger and seem to last a little longer. i have many 6v 4.5 from my MOJO's and have used them also.

Try and use a better quality battery if that does not work there may be a votage problem in the computer that drains it. I hope things get better.
i put a solar panel on mine from academy, and haven't had any problems. It is not in the wide open either, I have in the woods. Also if it is a remington maybe lower the power. You have three speed on the control. I use lo because I don't want the corn spreading to far. Good Luck!
I have a On Time Solar Elite. Still on same battery going on third season.
Do Like I did. I got tired of replacing and buying those 6 volt batteries. They got expensive anywhere from 5 to 9 dollars apiece. So I bought a 6 volt car battery. Now it last all hunting season.
Thanks folks, but I've done just about all that and then some except for trying the 6V car battery. I leave it on low for about 4 seconds, have tried Energizers, put a solar charger on it, use the rechargeable 5 amp batters but I still get the same result - a dead battery in one week.

Think I will be calling customer service on Monday. Maybe I just got a bad unit.
my remington is easy on batteries--but my on time brand was not and it hung up all the time--i bought a sun slinger from bass pro or cabelas-- it is a solar powered battery and motor set up--never had another problem