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Big buck killed at the Atchafalaya Delta WMA

There was a big beautiful buck killed at the Atchafalaya Delta WMA last Saturday Oct. 24th. It had 13 points and weighed 195 lbs.
Nice Buck
Nice Buck!

Like seeing some nice marsh deer.
Marsh buck?
Hey, Ricky, that looks just like the buck that jumped my shot when I went to the Delta with you. Uh huh.

Thanks for rounding up the photo. Makes me want to brave the skeeters again.
Now I didn't bring it up but....
Andy it does look exactly like the one you "shot" at a few years ago---except that this one is big, it has antlers and oh yeah--it is NOT a racoon! hahahaha!
Delta deer
Hey, it was my first trip to the Delta: I thought the deer wore disguises there.
Congrats on the hoss! Love seein these big guys taken, especially on our public lands. Great Deer!!

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