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Good to be back

Me, Live Bait, and Pop headed back to three rivers wma for the first time since opening weekend in october. I wasn't in the woods 5 minutes and walked up on a group of hogs. As they began to run I took aim at the only one I could see and wack! Pork down! I hunted for 2 1/2 hrs and saw 35-40 hogs and a deer but only one stepped into striking range. Live Bait also killed a hog.........but it's the same size as Pop's squirrel. We roasted it while listening to the LSU game. Good tender pork. It looks like the "Population Control Experts" are at it again. ~UNDERTAKER~ aka......~"tha Publicland Preditor~"
Where is three rivers wma located?
A buddy and I WENT IN APPROX.A HALF MILE from yhe check in station on la15 .We hunted 5hrs.and never jumped a thing and saw very little sign.if you dont mind were are yall going in to hunt.i am just starting to hunt 3 rivers
Three Rivers is located north of new roads by lettsworth.

As for telling where I hunt...I just can't do's a "secret" hehehe!
Me & Live Bait started hunting three rivers & red river 4 years ago. We killed 3 hogs and 2 deer. Every year we kill more and more. Our secret is knowing the woods and knowing how to hunt it when it's flooded. February is a great time to learn the woods. All the leaves are gone and if it's flooded you can see where the high ground is. You gotta put the time in to be successful.