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Fresh Pork

My buddy and brother in the Lord, has 3,000 acres of family land located in NE Louisiana along the Ouachita River. They have an abundant hog and deer population. We wanted to make a hunt ot two before he went back to college but only managed one hunt.

I scouted the property in search of water/wallow holes. Most ditches, sloughs and ponds were dry. The most promising area was in a 10-15 year old reforested area, where the beavers still had a little backwater left in that dense grass and brush.

I found some very fresh rooting and wallowing and found a small opening to prepare a bait site. For the first time, I bought a bag of Hog Wild. I dug two-2' holes and mixed corn and Hog Wild in them. I covered them back up and scattered the remaining corn and Hog Wild in the immediate area. From the amount of sign, we were pumped up.

We returned three days later with Bows in hand at about 7 pm. I snuck up to the area and peered around a tree to be caught by a red boar. He snorted and walked behind a tree only to be replaced by a bigger spotted boar.

I began filming him feeding and telling my buddy to take my bow and shoot the pig. (We both shoot Mathews and have practiced with each others bow) We argued about this for a minute and I gave in and handed him the camera.

He began filming as I prepared for the shot. I drew back and made sure he was on the pig. He gave me the green light and I zipped a Muzzy right through his lungs. I heard him run about 75 yards and let out the death squeal.

We made the short track job a little later.

Nice Hog
Ed, I too have used Hog Wild with great success. I am heading back to my lease next weekend for anothe shot at some hogs. Great Pics.
hog wild works
i use hog wild in my trap and they love it. i like to use the liquid form better than the powder.great job