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Lake ponchatraine

Me and a few budies are headed out on the big lake in the morning. We cant decide weather to go to the causeway, or out of southpass in manshac. We will be fishing with live bait. If anyone has any info on which part of the lake has ben hot it would be appreciated. I will post again when i get home to let everyone know where the action is. Thanks in advance for any info.
Get an early start
Went out last Sat. morning from Slidell, 1 sheepshead, 1 jack crevalle and several catfish. By 900am no more fish. Best of luck
Was going
Saturday morning, but something came up and cant so I pushed back to Sunday. My best luck has always been the causeway and the catwalk at the airport. Be sure to post how you do tomorrow. Good Luck!
If ya go to the causeway head to the south end, been slammin them around the 4mile marker and in, but i only use artifical. i suppose live bait will work
no luck
i decided to go out of southpass i drug my shrimp net for 2 hours and only caught 2 crokers. so we loaded up and went to laplace on the power lines where we had great luck earlier in the year. we drug for an hour with out even catching anything that would wiggle. so i didnt even wet a line. i even tried to buy some cocahoes ant no one had even 1. mabe next weekend i will have better luck.
catching croakers
you need to find some lighted area and either trawl or cast net at night . i find that if i can find an area w/ no tide and bait it w/ dog food . 15/20 min later i can catch all the shrimp and or croaker i need ( most of the time ).
i throw a 16 ft cast net and usually can catch enough 4 the next day before the arms wear out.
tight lines , Bob
thanks eman
thanks eman that is some good advice i have never herd of baiting them with dogfood i will sure try it. this is the first time i couldnt catch any bait. i always drag for 20 min and have enough bait for 2 days. i will sure try the dogfoor thing in the future.
thanks again,
fishing fool