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A Long Day On The Long Bridge

With the wind prediction being 3-6 mph EASTOFMRGO and I decided to head out to the Causeway to see what we could scrape up. We were right on schedule to launch at day break this morning until I passed up Jackson Ave and had to take Girod St where we got stuck behind a garbage truck for about 10 minutes. The bright spot of taking Girod was that there was an aerobics class at the trail head with some very talented participants. We finally launched around 7am and eased our way out to find the lake like a sheet of glass, very nice. The bite was really slow all day as we would pick 1 or 2 and then nothing for a while and never really found any pattern. We started out closer to the north shore and would move a mile or two south about every hour. We finished the day with 36 nice trout and 2 reds. We threw back 3 drum and 2 trout (1st throwbacks on the Causeway), lost another 5 trout and missed a few more. All in all great day on the water.
Nice looking fish...
It was nice meeting the two of you last nite, wish I could get in on some of that nice trout action. Great looking catch!

me and swampthing were out there today with similar results id say at least 30 trout 7 flounder and 1 redfish. trout were really scattered with no tide.
nice fish
hey lsu1 thats some nice fish out there. im glad you did well. i just put a new 4 blade on my motor today and installed the humminbird 383c gps/depthfinder which is amazing! the picture and color is awesome. im going duck hunting on sunday on my lease but i should be back at the causeway in the next few weeks. hopefully next weekend. well good luck out there and keep us posted. god bless
LSU1 man yesterday was tough, had good time though learning a new spot and how to fish it thanks to Nightfisher. Will be out there again as soon as the tide is rolling right, it was soooo dead out there yesterday!
Thanks Guys
Jerry - good meeting you at the Geaux Coastal meeting and look forward to seeing you at the tournament next Saturday.

Flies - keep in touch with me and I'll try to let you know about the lake conditions and the fishing. Be sure to get your girlfriend some diamonds for want to keep her around for sure.

Nightfisher and Swampthing - yeah it was tough out there yesterday. We had to fish hard to put that box together as no water movement made it tough. That place is a beast but its in my head now so I have become obsessed with it for the moment. Good luck to all.