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What to feed and when

Ok next year we want to start feeding supplements to increase mass and rack size on our deer. What is the best additive to use at the most reasonable price. I was looking at the record rack nuggets. Is this a good choice or is there a better option that will yield better results? also what month should we start feeding this? february? march? april? when?

Thanks for the advice in advance.
Anyone have suggestions?
I've got a buddy who hunts in the Mississippi Delta, and he and the other owners of the land (they don't lease the property) fed more than 16 tons of protein on the 5,000-acre tract this summer. The effects have, according to the camera photos they've seen, been staggering. One buck is believed to have grown upwards of 30 inches in a season.

They began the feeding regimen in February.

Now, I admit that 16 tons might be a bit much for the average club, but apparently it's pretty inexpensive to feed. They simply went to their local feed store and ordered some protein made specifically for deer.

The protein comes in pellets, which they fed in special feeders in which deer had to stick their noses. In other words, the feed isn't distributed on the ground like corn.

The feeders were high enough that only deer could reach the openings, so they weren't feeding turkeys or hogs.
what kind of protein is it, like a brand or something. Also does anyone have any positive info on other brands that they've tried