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Dogs and Bell's Palsy

Anybody ever seen a dog with Bell's Palsy? If so, did it overcome it? My dog was diagnosed with it.

I thought his season was shot b/c of it. I worked with my dog yesterday throwing dummies and he was very energetic and in good spirits. He is getting older at age 9 so I must take it easy on him. He definitely has lost most vision (if not all) in his right eye from the Bell's Palsy. When I cover his left eye and wave my hand in front of his right eye he does not blink. If I throw a dummy to the his right eye only, he will not see it. Plus the vet said he is having vision problems with that eye.

Here are some pics of what the Bell's Palsy has done. The muscle and nerves above his right eye have no feelings and died creating a large hole in his skull above his right eye. It's not gettting better yet, but if he overcomes it it will take at least 4-6 weekes before seeing improvement. I plan to continue to hunt him. He did great with dummies yesterday.
   Guy L
Man, that is tough to see. But I agree with you. Labs absolutely love the hunt, so as long as he is able to retrieve, or at least go out with you, I would not think twice about bringing him. I assure you, it would be more painful to him to see you leave in the morning without him.
Hey Coot,
I have never heard of that before with a dog but I hope for the best.
Masticatory Myopathy. Unknown cause probably immune mediated disease. Treated with steroids.
Good Luck!Hope he does well!
Hey Coot, I had a cocker Spaniel that had that problem, he did overcome it but it took about a month. I don't think it's very common but your dog should get through it.
My border collie has bell's palsy.. She had her first episode about 6 mths ago. She is a diabetic girl and has insulin shots twice again.. I know every detail about her. So noticing that one of her ears was starting to go lopsided. I kept a close watch on her.. 2 wks later she could not blink her eyes. Took her into the vet and he gave her zeniquin.. Worked great.. So we are off to the vet tomorrow for more.. Due to her diabetes she tends to have urinary infections, considering she has been diabetic 2 yrs in July.. One UTI.. I am thankful.. She maintains her glucose well.. Bells palsy coming back so soon.. concerns me..
However, antibotics can only last so long.. She can't have steroids due to the diabetes.
She also has the little soft spot over the one eye.. Though both her eyes did not blink she had bells palsy both sides..

Still a frisbee chaser.