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Thank goodness for bad weather and the Saints. About the only people fishin today were members of the Geaux Coastal saltwater fishin club. Wife and I had the lake to ourselves. Left DOCKSIDE on the north shore at 6:30am and hit lake P for the trip across to the lee(south) shore. Changed destinations in my mind half dozen times while we crawled across at 15MPH.Finally settled on a calm shore and started chunkin plastic. First fish was a throw back red then Sue caught a nice flounder. Spent the morning back and forth along the same shore and managed to box some perfect size reds 16-18 inches and a few big specks. Moved to the twin span to finish the day and found the tide fallin so hard the trollin motor was havin trouble keeping me out the pilings so we headed back to the launch about 12:45 for the 2pm weighin.Pretty even catchin day for wife and I but I got the big trout (first place). Wife s flounder took second place in that division. Cold, wet and fun all at the same time, CHAS at DOCKSIDE supplied fried fish and the Football game and a good time was had by all. Water about 57 deg and 4 0n a 1-10 for clarity, wind SW 10 plus changed to W 5-10. Hard falling tide in the afternoon. All fish caught on Chartruse cocaho tail on 3/8 oz round white head tight lined in 6-9 feet of water. Finished the day with a limit of fried fish at the weigh in and :

8 specks 12-22

9 reds 16-18

2 flounders

Tried to post a pic, but it havin it.??????????????
Geaux Coastal Fishing Club Tournament Today
Congratulation Buddy and Sue...Sue won 2nd place Flounder and Buddy won 1st place Speck. My son and I fished MRGO during the tournament and caught 24 nice Specks. We had our largest club turn out with lots Specks, Reds, Flounders and Drums weighed in. Thanks Chas at Dockside for the HOT grilled and fried Redfish after a cold day on the water, they warmed us up!
Tough day fishin
Yes indeed!
Buddy and wife had a box worthy of a guide today.
I was impressed.
And like others have said, Chas champaigne was top notch today for everyone.
You ought to see the size of the live shrimp that dude has.
Had a rough but fun day fishing with JJ today.
Fish were hard to come by and scattered all over for us today.
Only one or two before we had to move again in search of more fish.
I got lucky and knocked a 1st place redfish out with my cork for our 1sr fish if the day.
JJ put 2 nice trout in the box at the end of the day over by the L&N.
Lot of fun today back at the weigh in and congrats to the 2 young fellas that both won kids division prizes for their catches.
Rough day-good turnout
Despite the crummy weather we had a really good turnout for the Geaux Coastal Fishing Club tourney. There were some really nice fish caught despite the weather and congrats to all who placed. Hats off to Chas Champagne and the DOCKSIDE Bait & Tackle crew for taking care of us during the weigh-in with food and drinks. My wife was upset that we left the fish biting to head back!!!
Fun Day
You sure had a nice box of fish Buddy. I sure enjoyed my first tourny with the club and look forward to many more!
Now only if i could have had a better guide it might have been better results! Just kidding MOJO!!

A better partner
Ohh I know what you mean.
Like I said,"it's not for a lack of trying".
What I enjoy the most from these tourneys is getting to see how others fish and their ideas about what to do on adverse conditions.

Anyone can pretty
much have a good trip on a good day.
It's how you end the day on a tough day of fishing that interests me.
I had fun and hope you did too.
If not, maybe we can try again one day.
Good point, you will have to work harder on finding partners. LOL