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cuddeback expert owners

Anyone had a similar problem with their cuddeback expert - setup cam last week...took ~200 pics, swapped cards (battery life = 75%) and went back 5 days later. Friend saw a buck at the feeder one day, then I went the next day and watched does for over 2 hours. After the hunt I decided to check card. It only took pics of me when I set it up and when I checked it on this hunt (battery lvl = 75%). Tried changing batteries and noticed the date above the time was scrolling and flashing numbers...have never noticed this b4. Took it home to troubleshoot. noticed it would take a pic of me, but would NOT store it to the card, tried reformatting the card and still doing the same.
Called the tech line and they walked me thru some steps over the phone and determined the cam was working fine.
Tried it again last nite in my house with total darkness, cam is taking pics (sometimes storing them on the card and sometimes not), now the flash is not going off. Anyone seen anything similar with theirs?
Same here!
I the same problem with my Capture IR drives me nutz. All the guys at my camp have other brands that cost lest than a 100 bucks and they laugh at me all the time. Let me know if you get it fixed
Bone collector
How old is yours? You didnt or will not get it fixed? I actually sent it off today. They said it would be a 2 week turnaround. Cant wait that long!!!!!! May go be one like your buddies. I have a friend for the past 4 weeks has been trying the cam's at academy..he is on his 3rd