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6 Point or better for LA

We need to start a movement to make louisiana 6 point or better statewide.
Calm it down
We need to turn down the heat on this one. Please quit sniping at each other about who users are and stick with the debate at hand.

Keep it civil (no personal attacks), and we'll have no problems. If the bickering continues, we will pull the thread.

Thanks for your support as we move the site in a positive direction in which we can debate outdoor issues in a civil way.
You are crazy.
Why not??
You don't have any better ideas to get bigger bucks.
Why bring this up again?
Sounds like another so called Trophy hunter trying to ruin hunting.If you want to shoot 6point or better do it.But quit trying to force us all to hunt like you see fit.
Listen Carefully
First of all I am not a Trophy hunter. I am only 10 years old and I have never shot a buck only 2 does.
make it 6 point or better, and it'll be a long time before you get a rack. The deer with big racks are out there, you just have to get a little lucky.
Oh well
I think he is pulling our leg cajunhopper. Probably a bored plant worker trying to pass the evening.
better ideas
there is already better ideas to get big bucks , it's called get out and hunt for them , louisiana is now in the top 10 states for B&C and P&Y trophy bucks, far above all our neighbors. Don't believe me just check the record books. you and all of us will kill what we hunt for.
10 year olds can't work in plants
2 to 3 years from now the spikes and 4 points will be 6 and 8 points. They don't disappear. My chances will be better in 2 to 3 years. And I am too young work in a plant. Besides I want to be a lawyer when I grow up.
i dont care
would you rather kill 10's or 4's.
Calfrope is just a peta person who is trying to impersonate a little kid so he gets sympathy in his attempt to stop hunting.
Times running out
He better get off the computer before his parents come home.
i love hunting
i just had to ask my dad what a peta person is.i killed a doe with my 243 yesterday evening.
very funny
i told u i just asked my dad what a peta person.hes just left to go get in the stand.
Change Sides
You know what i've changed sides calfrope is right his plan will boost the population
are u a meat lover
do u hunt for food only.
someone right
thank you
Put up a fence
Well man theirs alot of people on here that love hunting and alot of guys and girls on here hardly get a chance every year to get a shot at a deer. Not that there arent any around but the fact that some areas have so many hunters that the deer become nocturnal. By the sounds of it yall hunt a lease so yall need to put up a fence because I'm not voting for it and I know hundreds of others that will not vote for 6 point or better.
Calf Rope an Cane cutter have one post ,This one .PDFTT.
Please Don't Feed The Trolls.
In my opinion where you are and the people that hunt there should determine what deer they shoot. If you dont want to shoot deer below 6 points dont. Im def. not in favor of making it a law statewide.
good thinking
thats good u want to improve the whitetail herd but we are not in west texas
Here we go again
I have an idea, why don't we let the state biologists make these decisions, like they are doing now!!!
I've hunted all over with many different management schemes, and really don't have a problem following whatever rules are in place.

However, there is one worry about a 4- or 6-point rule: High grading. Mississippi for several years had a state-wide 4-point rule, and finally they realized that they were killing the bucks with the best genetics. A 4-point is in all likelihood a 1 1/2-year-old buck, so you're still killing a young buck (no different than many spikes). However, you're killing the deer with the best chances of growing big racks while leaving the bucks that are proving to be genetically inferior.

Mississippi has since given up on that, and tailored their management to fit each area of the state: The Mississippi Delta has more potential than the Gulf Coast, so they have different management schemes.

So a one-size-fits-all approach really isn't the best bet.

That said, we now have some built-in management with the three-buck rule. Some might kill the first three bucks they see (which is perfectly leagal and fine), but many hunters will get more selective as they fill their tags. That means younger bucks are going to be allowed to walk and get some age on them.
Not a good idea to make it a state wide law. Manage your lease or property the way you see fit to do so. I you want to invoke antler restrictions on your lease then more power to you. If you want your lease to be brown its down then thats your buisness no one elses. No harm no foul. keep it simple.
size limits
Having hunted other states I am all for size limits. I agree with Andy though a blanket 6 pt or btr rule is not the way to go. The only thing that bothers me is that LDWF's own reports show that less than 15% of Louisiana hunters shoot more than three bucks a year. How is this going to recruit younger bucks when you are only restricting that few hunters? Tags are going to give them biological data and thats about it. Unfortunatly size restrictions are like welfare payments. Convincing people to do the hard thing now so that you will be better off in the long run is a tough sell.
would b nice
I think it would work but it already got shot down was in trial for three years in point coupee parish supposed to be a 5 year experiment . But to many people complained they couldnt kill any deer and they dissposed of it . I can tell you this the last year i could sit in my stand everyday and watch 4 to 5 small bucks feeding . after they disosed of the experiment they came out with this doe a day and now i sit in my stand for countless hours and dont c anything the heard is killed out bc most n my club will shoot brown its down. The state has no managment skills at all and we should get rid of our biologist and save the money to buy deer from farms and start restocking . Killing does after the second week in december will do nothing but kill your offspring for the next year. One day our hunting might get back to where it used to be but i seriously doubt it .
Grow Bigger Bucks
Louisiana hunters are killing better bucks than ever before - just check the records. The best tool for changing hunter attitudes? In my opinion it's the trail camera. Once folks see what kind of deer they have it's a lot easier to be more selective....just knowing what's around makes it easier to pass on younger age deer. Our club is in an 11,000 acre QDM cooperative and the progress continues. The goal - shoot bucks that are 3.5 years and older. The horns on the camp wall tell the story as old "trophies" are steadily replaced by new and better ones. Changes like this are more likely to happen in cooperative situations than statewide. It's just easier to get the majority on the same page.
"the old ways"
Louisiana10...they had a dilemma similiar to that in '84 at "Eight Point"...if you recall ???...but it was worked out w/ Cajun diplomacy and a mountain of Bud bottles !!!...problem is here there's a few to young to drink ???...cheers
Buck restricitions
I do agree with you calfrope that there needs to be a minimum size placed on killing bucks. However I belong to a hunting lease that is 6 pt or better and I think that is the wrong way to go. In thistlewate they have made it 4 pts on 1 side and have seen really good results. This is what our hunting club is moving to next season. Reason for this is taking out the bucks with the cow horn spikes. Biggest problem is getting the hunters who hunt for meat rather than size not to outlaw on public land.
My 2 cents...
I think that one of the best things the state did was make it legal to take a doe by tags... I belonged to a club that didn't believe in killing does (One doe per member) and we could take any buck. I worked shift work and sometimes wasn't able to hunt but a couple of doe days and sometimes didn't see any does, then if I wanted meat, I'd have to take a small buck... I was part of the state trial of 6 point or better and the guys I hunted with didn't like that at first, but at that time you had doe days.... Now we are still shooting 6 points or better and I let 6s and 8s go quite a bit... We are seeing more bucks that we ever did and if you want meat, you can take does with tags. I'm a believer of restricting bucks and taking does with tags. I applaud the state biologists for passing this combination. I know the debate of what buck restrictions will always be controversial, but if people give it a chance to work, it does work!! My personal choice would be 3 or 4 on one side, but itís just my opinion.
You sure opened a can of worms on this one
Guys, this is only a discussion, some of you act like he cursed your mom......chill. Its no secret that north la produces larger and more bucks than south la. But alot of the problem with south la is hunting the swamps. The deer aren't as plentiful and big as the dryer lands of the northern part of the state. But it makes absolute sense, if you let a small young buck go he has more potential to be a bigger buck next year and the year after. It is hard for the southern hunters to swallow the thought because they are use to hunting the entire season and maybe not even seeing a single deer. Been there and experienced that and its not fun. If you want to see more and bigger deer, then stop shooting the babies, if you want to continue to sit in your stand and look at water and palmettos then keep shooting. Bottom line is this. Its your money and your tags, if you dont have the patience for the results then stop complaining about the lack of deer and size.
Deer hunting
Well being born and raised in South LA who loves deer hunting I now hunt in Lauderdale, MS (couldnt find LA land 2 hunt) any way they just changed our rules this year 13" main beam or 10" spread. Does not bother me. Actually I think it will produce nice bucks. Why not give it a trial in LA for a few years to see the results. Just my opine!
Good points
While I do agree with alot of the points on here, one thing everyone has to keep in mind is that not all hunters who hunt in louisiana, hunt for trophy racks, or big racks at all for that matter. There are people that I know that will only kill 2 deer a year to put meat in the freezer, and after they get that second deer they hold off for the bigger bucks. It's just the way they hunt. Not saying that's wrong, but it's the way they've been hunting for years. I'll have to admit I'll pretty much do the same thing. On the lease I hunt on in particular, our first hunt of the season for the first 2 weeks we can kill anything goes. After that second week it's 6 point or better and Doe 80 pounds or more. Everyones different I'm sure.
6 point or better
I think it would be a good idea It would help our buck population through out the state but I think we should be able to kill scrub bucks and long horned spikes with out using a tag
Since it has turned into a nice discussion
Here are my 2 cents. Mississippi had the 4 pt rule and it helped some. But the records that I have seen do not support that it was highgrading the deer herd. Maybe it was but the dmap number they have do not support that you can see it in the numbers.

Mississippi has now gone to a new system where the buck has to have a min. spread OR a min. length main beam. I like this method a lot and it makes more sense to me than a system based on points.

We had a buck where I hunt that had antlers for a number of years that were about two foot long spikes. One side lighter than the other. It was illegal to kill even thought it was not a young deer. It is gone now probably died from old age unless one of our neighbors broke the law to take it out.

The new restrictions in Mississippi will prevent the young fork horns and very small six points from being legally harvested. So the new rules go a long way to help move a much larger percentage of the 1.5 year old deer up to 2.5.

This is the first year for the rules so time will tell, but I am optimistic.

I can say this when I first started hunting up there I would often hunt all year and only see 3 bucks or slightly more. That has all changed and there are many more bucks around since the 4 pt rule was implemented. Now it should only get better. Fingers crossed.

Oh and kids are allowed to kill any buck too I think.
You Want Restrictions
Lets hunt like the northern states. I am headed to hunt some family land in Missouri in december they only have 2 weeks of rifle season and 1 week of muzzleloader no rifels in muzzle loader season 45-70. They have a 4 point on 1 side management program and only 1 buck per person. Wow how whould you like to hunt there if you get stuck working one of those weekends and dont bow hunt you just missed a third of your season. So I like our hunting regs why dont everyone just hunt have fun doing it and not worry about anyone else. Hunting for me is just as much about spending time with family and friends as it is about killing something.
pull a tag
Me and a few of my friends were talking about this last night. now let me say i hunt swamp and wma. i shoot deer every year and friday i shot a small eight point (12 in wide), if you are willing to go after the better ones they are there. But this is what we came up with. 2 buck tags no size required and no does after dec. 10 ish. this way the people who just want a deer or two can get that, but most people will look for better bucks since they only get two especially if they shoot one early.
"38 parallel opinions "
...w/ no fighting ??? that's progress...cheers
6 point ?
We have been on 6 point or better for 8 years, it has let deer get much bigger, however still our harvest records show that 60% of the bucks taken are 2.5 years old, so if trophy deer is your goal I'm not sure this will work. I think 1 buck tag, 3 doe tags, make most guys more selective. I don't know if there's a plan everyone will like, but it should have a clause that it should be looked at every 3 years. Just my thoughts, good hunting
6pt or better
I tried writing our genious Dept of Wildlife and Fisheries Dept in Baton Rouge not long ago. I can't remember the guys name who wrote me back, but it seemed like he was offended by me offering up any suggestions to improve La deer herd. Yes, big deer can and are killed here every year. But if your not in a high dollar lease in some of the prime parishes, your chances go down dramatically. With the economy and the price of hunting land going up, public land hunting is becoming the only option for some people. If some sort of management plan is not put in place for all WMA's, it will not be long before the deer herd's dramatically decline. I'm all for any type of management, but would like to see at least a 3pt on one side tried for several years.
i here what yall all are saying
the 6pt or better thing would never work, to many people would shoot deer that may look bigger then what they are and it would be one big mess.
What i suggest is 3 buck tags and 1 doe tag
With all the does producing more deer, hunters can take more deer that dont nessocarily be a trophy but a nice lil scrub buck for everyone and more of a challenge.
It aint like no body needs all 3 does of meat
for those of yal dat go tag limited think bout what your doing. DO yall really want your grandkids to never kill a deer cause thats what is happening right now
They got to many of them boys shooting whatever they see as long as it has 4 legs
Better Herd Management
Even though I moved to Texas after college 21 years ago I still hunt Louisiana for deer. I also hunt here in Texas. Both have frustrated the heck out of me. Texas limits are by county. If you hunt a 1 buck county, better not shoot that spike. This year Texas has changed most of the counties to 2 bucks, with 1 having an unbranched antler but the other buck has to be 13 inches or better. This seems to be a decent compromise for Texas.
Louisiana on the other hand has a blanket 6 deer per year. Some areas can support it but most can't. I hunt on a DMAP lease in North LA. ( We have instituted a "small doe fine" policy that fines members $2/lb for every pound under 90lbs. a 50lb yearling will cost you $80. And if you shoot a button buck, you get no more DMAP doe tags for the rest of the year. We have not killed a button buck yet and only 2 small ones (1 was a 7yr olds first deer). The fine policy works for us, but our neighbors (not on DMAP) shoot everything that moves. I know the 3 doe tags the state provides will be used when I let the little ones walk at my stand near the property line. There virtually is no benefit to staying in DMAP other than your printed doe tags aren't used.
For LA to manage deer, it must do it by area. I loved hunting the basin, but now hunt the piney woods. These are 2 different areas which must be dealt with differently (as should the coastal marshes). Not all areas can support 3 doe taken. This is where your herd is lost or presereved. The big bucks are ghosts and are usually only taken during the rut. You probably have more bigs than you think. Most go nocturnal by 3 years old. LA officials should quit taking the easy way out and come up with a plan that truly manages the herds in all areas of the state.
Lower the limit
I'd like to see them lower the limit to 4 deer total (2/2). No antler restrictions. To me, a trophy is a deer that gets big because he was the smartest animal in the woods until that fateful day. Not one that gets big because he was let walk based upon someone's arbitrary rule.
"reluctant souls" never knows which way a post is gonn'a go !!!...this is a good one and there's a lot of wisdom being exposed !!!...cheers