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Trout everywhere

Specs and whites everywhere for my kids today.
Beautiful weather and too many fish.
Launched at dockside this morning,grabbed a bunch of stink crickets for the kids and headed out to birds diving nonstop,everywhere.
You couldn't get out of them if you tried.

My little one Haley had a ball catching specs with live shrimp under a sliding cork and my oldest Jacob tried his hand at artificial on the bottom today.

They both had me soo proud and Jacob now loves artificial fishing.
He even learned how to take his own fish off today.
I think he knew I had my hands full with his lil sis so he helped me out tremendously today.

Thanks Chas for the huge live stink crickets today and hope y'all had a good day on the water today too.

Mo, that is a fabulous post you just put up! I would have given no telling how much to be on that boat with you and to see Haley and Jacob catching those trout! What a great post, my friend!

Kids, this is for you: You are invited to come aboard my big Triton for another fish catching lesson down here in Buras. Iíll even bring Odis the Wonder Dog along so he can make sure you two see those CSIís go under and that you learn what Up and IN is!
Now,how can I turn down a chance for my kids to learn from a true legend?
I showed them your post and they are jumping up and down all over the living room.
Think Haley just wants to see Odis the wonder dog in action but Jake knows what he's in for.
We'll take you up on your offer Capt. John and we miss you my friend.
Fantastic, great trip for the kids.glad the weather and the bite co-operated. Not a bad invite to fish down river either. Buddy
Odis and I should be back the end of this week from Miss. Swamp Fox's place where Odis will get some R&R after being in the ICU for now 5 days.
When we get back, I'll expect to have those kiddies adorn my Triton one day before Christmas! Got a movie camera and everything just for them to bring home a DVD of their exploits to show Momma!!
That's what its all about. Glad to see that the kids had a good trip! But you'd better watch out...they'll start getting mad when you go without them!
Stink Cricket????????????
Glad to see your kids had a great time out there, nothing better than watching your kids catching some nice fish!

That's the scientific name for shrimp,LOL.

We had fun and my little one was all pumped up yesterday morning before school.
She wanted to tell all her friends and teachers about catching those pokie-dot trout.

BTW: all the trout I cleaned had big brown shrimp in their stomach.
Some had 2-3 big shrimp.
The lake must be full of shrimp right now.
Dang Todd, looks like you got a couple of natural born trout slayers there. (must ave learned from their mom)Ha! That's great that were in them that heavy. Nothing is better than seeing kids catching fish like that. Great post. Wayne.
How the hell are you?
Man,we need to get on your boat and go to the causeway.
I haven't fished the causeway this year and I'm dying to go.