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Help have 5 year old I want to take on Guided deer hunt any suggetion?

I have a 5 year that I would like to take on a Deer Hunt where he can see at a few Does. I am not that interested in killing anything with horns, but would like to let him see some deer. I want to be able to get into a box stand with a heather (or I can bring my own). I am not looking to spend a weekend or a week's paycheck on the trip.

Doe Hunts
Never been, hear alot about them. Evening doe hunts $250.
"the long view"
...I would wait a few years and take him on a real one instead of a fenced-in killing factory...might even subsitute a pett'n zoo trip and sneak in a slingshot???...just an old opinion...cheers
little guy
not looking for a fenced in. Just want my little man to be able to see something other than grass. I am not that concerned about killing anything.