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louisiana WHITE OUT

Foggy Fishin

What a day to take the grand tour. Wanted to try a spot on the south shore of lake P around Irish byu, but wanted to hit the latest north shore honey hole also before the day was out. Butch, towing his Bay Stealth, picked me up at my house and off we went to Dockside (7:30am) we were the only boat launched. Made the trip across the glass smooth lake following the twin span for directions.(PEA SOUP fog) Had to make a quick stop for ice at Texaco at Irish Byu, cause we left Slidell without any. First stop red, trout, red ,nothing, made a move to a deep canal and never got a bite. Headed to ICW to a winding byu with deep corners, 1 trout. Headed for deep water passes off lake Catherine and found major fallin tide, Butch did a great job of getting thru the Unknown Pass trestle without leaving any Bay Stealth on the pilings. (people familiar with this place know the tide goes thru sideways .) Too much tide to get to the bottom in the deep water (two spark plug day), so we headed for the deep water around the Rigolets that wasn’t moving so fast. After talking to LSU1AGAIN (thanks) we set up and got on a fairly slow but steady bite with some really nice trout. If it wasn’t for Butch’s GPS with the map capability and his ability to operate it we would have been stranded on some unknown shoreline most of the day, my eyeballs hurt from starin hard into the fog (my job to look for obstacles ,his job to keep the little boat on the screen off the shore))I am now convinced I need one of these. Enjoyed the trip with a fellow Geaux Coastal fishing club member and good fisherman. Fished plastics all day , Gulp and Dudley darker colors. Water fairly clean most places considering the conditions of the past 3 days, Water temp 50 to 53 all day, hard fallin tide slowing late. Finished the foggy day with:

17 trout 12-18”

2 -18“ reds

Few pics of our foggy fishin day

Picture of Butch in the fog
Butch actually looks better in the fog. LOL. Glad yall didn't scratch the jackhammer on the piles. Nice catch for a nasty day.
Yea the fog was pretty thick sunday morning. I just can't imagine what people did before the advent of a mapping GPS in these conditions. On a side note just because you have a gps and know where you are going doesn't mean you can go WOT through the thick fog.
for pics
HAHA,Butch,those some sweet pics of y'alls fish.
Glad you ended up getting on some late.
When I texted you it didn't seem like the lake would produce that day.
sunday trip
Yep, technology saved the day yesterday. For one, we would still be out there, God knows where, without the GPS. Once you got 20 yds. off of any shore line around Lake P, Lake Catherine or the Rigolets, there was no way of knowing where you were. Secondly, we were fortunate enough to have fellow Geaux Coastal fisherman John (LSU1AGAIN) scouting for us in another area. The good ole cell phone and networking paid off as John tipped us off on a pretty good spot that he let us share with him after Buddy and I had very limited success in some of our previous spots. We were very fortunate, in a way, that we were one of only a very few boats brave/dumb enough to running around in those conditions. There would've been no way to react in time had there been another moving/non-moving object randomly appear out of nowhere with the limited visibility everywhere in the area.
Thats some thick stuff their. Been in it a few times myself leaving Eden Isles heading to Rigolets area. GPS or Radar is a life saver but if that equipment ever fails on you in the fog, you better have a decent compass.
Nice pics
Yep, that is some nice weather we had yesterday. I wanted to go very badly on Monday but the wife put her foot down cause of the fog and going solo.
To bad we cant see the nice fish!
Hopefully this weekend the weather will be better