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Confused With New Lingo

I'm not that old, but over on the deer forums I see some terms that just confuse me as to what they mean.
What does smackdown mean ? Also, what exactly is meant by wack & stack ? I figured out the "hit me up" phrase. That means call me on the telephone.
You are obviously not familiar with LAbonics or HunBonics. These are terms originally intended and sometimes used for language of Southern hunters, rednecks, coona$% etc. These terms (Smackdown, deck check, bling, wack n stack etc) are largely used to refer to Redneck Vernacular English as seen on this and numerous other forums.
   Guy L
Sadly, that is the mentality of many of the modern hunters. There is not much appreciation for the effort, preparation, the challenge of the hunt, or respect for the wilderness and wildlife, or the overall experience as there should be. I see lots of video game mentalities coming up in hunting and it saddens me. Too many hunters look for the quickest most glorified kill by any means necessary, then can't wait to gloat with everyone they see about how many they killed, how fast they killed it, or how gory the wound was. It seems that many hunters are disappointed when they shoot 4 ducks instead of 6, or that it took them 3 hours to get their limit and never consider the fact that they spent 3 hours showing their son how to identify dufferent ducks or blow a duck call. Or that they got to see a hawk swoop down on a pond and pull up a fish in a flash of speed and skill, or heard the call of coyotes in the distance. Or simply watched the sunrise with streaks of light through the clouds. That is the hunting experience that so many of today's hunters do not seem to appreciate. Anyone can aim and pull a trigger. A true hunter appreciates the opportunity to aim and pull the trigger more than the impact of the bullet.
probably not supposed to do this but the story is too good not to share. This is what hunting is all about to me.....
different strokes for different folks. "Smackdown" evolved from WWE, or WCW, or some other wrestling show. Widowmaker uses the term often, and he is very successful at putting the Smackdown on the deer in La, MS, and AR

"Whack em, Stack em, and Pack em" is a book written by Ted Nugent. The 'Nuge has ALWAYS been over the top, and he feeds his family with nothing but wild game. It's just the vernacular is always evolving. There have always been trophy only hunters, as well as meat hunters. I hunt primarily for meat. If it has a nice rack, so be it. I respect others for what they believe in, but do not infringe my beliefs on them, and they shouldn't on me.

Take a cross-section of society:

1,000 business executives
1,000 blue collar workers
1,000 cops
1,000 soldiers
1,000 of any group, and you will have differing opinions on matters, and you will also have rapists, murderers, drug addicts, perverts, child molesters, thieves, etc.
Geronimo found out:...try to stay out of "adjective and pronoun mischief" only with the sensitive up-tight...and only mess with happy people !!!...cheers
What does smackdown mean ? Does it mean to sucessfully make a kill on a particular animal ?

And Wack & stack- does this mean to kill many without regard to conservation and to achieve as many kills as possible ?
Smackdown means you made a kill.

Whack em stack em and pack em can be interpreted many different ways. I see it as getting a kill on every opportunity, or successfully killing the legal amount of game for a given hunt, or at least coming close. Read Ted's book.
Hunting Lingo:

Whack N Stack, Smackdown, Hammer Smack, Hammered Down, Ground Check, Dirt Rolled, Feather Rolled, Grounded, Dusted, Feather Checked....and the list goes on...All refer to getting the game your after; the above listed is mainly used in reference for Turkeys, Squirrels, Rabbits, Deer, Ducks and Turkeys but can be used for others too. Not actually a quantity or limit.

Slickerhead, Milklips, Briar Goat, Brush Goat, Tree Rat, Sauasage Head, Piney Wood Rooter, Hammer, Big Daddy, Bull Winkle, Muy Grande, Sad Daddy, Corn Robber, Bait Snatcher and again the list goes on new ones are made up daily but these are actually refering to the type of game being hunted.

And Tim McGraw sings a song called back when that decribes a whole bunch lingo used this day in age. But for the most part it's just used to portray excitement of a kill and to make a story interesting and doesn't mean that everybody is shooting the woods up killing everything without regard to conservation.
It took me a while to pick up on the "hit me up" thing. When I didn't call my cousin ( in his early 20's) he called me and asked why I hadn't called. I didn't know I was supposed to. I told you hit me up later. Ah, it was then that I caught on.

I still call a coot a coot, not a pull do. A dosgris I call a lesser scaup. I'm pretty straight forward.
I let alot of regular deer go, then take one, then maybe later take one more. I cannot use more than that so I don't take any more, unless he's like that Angola buck. The older folks I learned from used to do just like us- they hunted Jackson Bienville and 3 rivers alot. They were straight forward. The old " sportsman- conservationists." I kinda like that. They would say Bobby shot a 6 point this evening. Bobby did not put the smackdown on a buck, he killed a six point today. But I was just curious about this generation's lingo. Each generation is different. I know my group's ways are dying out. That's life. Now, go put the smackdown on one :.)
Dirt darted! Shooting a running deer! Or folding a duck slam up and hitting the ground with a thud! Also known as yard darting! Coined from the weapons given to us back in the early 80's to play with in the yard! Its a wonder we didnt get the smack laid down on us with those things!
when we bowhunting we like to let the air out of 'em.