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sausage recipe

Guys, Im looking for a good breakfast sausage recipe or a website to find this. Thanks
I have been using 60% deer meat & 40% pork(boston butt).
I get the breakfast sausage seasoning from Rouse's that seasons 25 lbs. Mix everything well and package it up. The seasoning is perfect. Some like a heavier sage flavor and if that's the case you can add more sage. I would try it first before adding sage, like I said its perfect.
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Payton, here is a recipe that I have tweeked that is pretty good. This one is for 30#'s at a time so you will have to adjust if making more or less. This is a secret recipe so all of you other guys and gals that read this be sure not to copy the recipe or you will be blind in one eye and miss all of your shots with the other. Merry Christmas, Enjoy!
50/50 pork and deer
1 cup salt
2 Tb ground white pepper
4 Tb rubbed sage
1 Tb ginger
3 Tb nutmeg
3 Tb thyme
4 Tb crushed red pepper
2 Tb garlic
3 pints ice water
LEGGS Old Plantation #10 Seasoning!!!!!! The only place I know around here that has it is John's in north Walker. They have a website with plenty of different flavors. I have introduced many people to the #10 blend and all have said it was the best they had ever had. Good luck.
thanks guys
•1 pound ground deer meat
•1 pound ground pork
•2 teaspoons ground sage
•1 teaspoon salt
•1 teaspoon black pepper
•1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper

I found this on the internet and made about 20 pounds of it and it came out really good. And it's really simple. I added a hair more cayenne and crushed red pepper. Tastes just like Jimmy Dean