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Hunting La.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS! The second split opened up a week ago today. The hunting has been good, of course with some days being better than others. We've got a lot of birds down, they are scattered in all the different areas that we hunt. The pintail have really shown up and most of them have that double pin about 5-8 inches long. Great mounting ducks right now. Widgeon and Grays are also here in big numbers, they have their full colors as well. A few canvasback have shown up and lots of teal. Calm and beautiful weather was our only disadvantage for most of the the opening weekend. Whenever the wind doesn't blow the ducks are a lot more selective about where they land or attempt to anyway, especially the gray ducks. They will cut back flips, twisting and flipping trying to get into the decoys from way up, then as they get closer they land 40 yds. out of shooting range, other days they come right on in. The other species of ducks just don't seem to be that cautious. Capt. Josh and myself both had two different groups early in the week with mixed results. Most of the ducks shot at were grays and widgeon. We are hunting from the most comfortable way to hunt these days, especially for our area which are mud boats with surface drives. We just had a group cancel for the next four days and the weather looks like it will be about perfect for duck hunting. They are certainly going to miss out. The season ends on Jan. 24th.

Damon Mcknight
Spoonie to the front!