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Saturday Report

Bitter cold!
I know that it was just as cold last weekend but man I froze yesterday....never could shake it. Well as cold as it was yesterday morning I still launched before daylight and eased out in the dark....I know, this makes no sense. Well got out there and started throwing a mirrolure just at daybreak. 15-20 cast and nothing to show. Switched over to jigging the purple hybrid that has been so solid lately and at 8:00 am I did not have a fish in the boat. About 8:15 I switched over to a keylime hybrid and started crawling it (thanks to eastofmrgo post last Sunday) and put 5 in the box real quick, missing a few short strikes to boot. Nothing after this for a while. Switched back to the purple hybrid and that was it. A very slow, inconsistent bite but fished hard until 12:30 and was able to box 22 keeper trout, 5 throwbacks, and lost 4 more at the boat (and missed a few more short strikes). The key (that I got from eastofmrgo) is crawling it and I mean crawl it. This can be tough to do in the wind if you're not anchored (hence many short strikes) so pay attention to how fast the bait is coming back to you and slow it down.
cold feet, cold fish
nice trip John. great catch with havin to fight the crowds.Not sure why , but I'm headin to the biloxi marsh in about an hour.I probably should call and join you. oh well , just fun fishin over there. Talk later. Bud
Cold Fishing
I have the same problems. Even if I know I am fishing a little later, I'm still up at 5. Nothing like a hot cup of coffee to see the sun rise, no matter how cold it is.
I want to take my son there thursday to catch his first redfish,any suggestions? also do you have a # I could contact you to get more info?
Nice catch
it was nice to see you out there John, and that i wasn't the only one freezing my behind off! Going to try again Thursday if the weather holds out and hopefully this time I wont play catch and release until i get my limit!
It sure would help to have a trolling motor out there.

I have learned that when the wife says it is ok to get the trolling motor and dont worry about the new furniture, I sure as heck will take her up on it next time.
Nice cold ones!!!
Nice box there John, my wife got the clearance from the doc today so hopefully I will make a trip sooner than later. Been itchin to go for a while now.
Bitter Cold
We may all end up with pneumonia but the fishing has been really good. The wife is about to lose it so I'm gonna have to take a few days off....but not that I want to.

Buddy - I couldn't convince myself to make that cold run across definitely define a real man.

Jerry - that was an awesome catch you had for being on anchor!

Jarret - glad that your wife has recovered well, now its time to get the minnow wet.

Nathan - I'm not the one to ask about reds. I've tried to find them twice in the last couple of weeks and ended up with zilch.