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Best game warden I ever Met

Last night I was able to witness two of the very rarest things that a hunter could possibly be apart of in the state of L n ouisiana! First I was able to harvest a mature buck in Thistlethwaite WMA .Then I met a game warden who went above and beyond his duty to help a fellow hunter. Late afternoon I shot a large buck deep in the swamp and right away knew that I alone would not be able to retrieve it without some serious help. I left the deer to notify the game warden so that some one would at least know that I was back there in the woods. When I got to the check station all hunters were well out of the woods and the warden was about to leave. I told him that I had a good problem to have, but I would be back there a while. He volunteered to come along and help with the deer. Four hours later, soaking wet and dieing of thirst we made it to our trucks with a heck of deer.
I never asked for help, he just made it happen. I donít remember the guys name but heís quite young and I think he is normally stationed at Dewy Wills WMA. I am writing this in appreciation of his help and hope that this gets back to him! Thank You
The deer went 245 lbs on scale havenít scored him yet!
Great deer and glad to hear that the agent offered his services.

I hope we can get this warden's name and give a little congrats where everyone can see!!
Great report
Thanks for sharing some good news about our enforcement agents, HD. I've always had pretty good experiences with the guys behind the badges, but they often get a bad rap.

And, man, that's a beautiful deer. Congrats!
RE: Best game warden I ever Met
It's sad that you've spoiled a great kill by insulting every other Wildlife & Fisheries Enforcement officer in the State. An officer helping someone is not one of the "very rarest things" we see.
"It's sad that you've spoiled a great kill by insulting every other Wildlife & Fisheries Enforcement officer in the State. An officer helping someone is not one of the "very rarest things" we see."

I think you are blowing what he said out of proportion. An agent helping someone drag a deer out the woods for 4 hours is rare and is extremely rare for anyone let alone an agent. They don't have to help you but this agent did. And I don't see how he spoiled a great kill by mentioning this. And this guy did write how much he appreciated it.

Not big deal, folks
I don't think the post should offend any agents: It simply states the enforcement agent in question went above and beyoned the call of duty. That's true, since it certainly isn't within an agent's duty to go tromping through the woods helping someone he doesn't know collect a deer.

So let's don't take every chance to be offended. The agent in question reflected great honor on every other warden in the state and should be praised. That's all HD was trying to do (and I think he succeeded).
I never meant to Offend
I have met plenty great officers, and i don`t want anyone to get the wrong impression. I also have been hunting enough to know that most officers feel like if you shoot it You can get it out ! No matter how bad it is. And they are right! But in reality I bit off more than i could chew and that officer did what most wouldn`t ! don`t get that twisted!
"no deer left behind"
...funny how that works ???...a good deed everybody divides credit...a bad one "he acted alone" ???...but,on the other side of the coin does military citations demote rank and file or inspire them ???...cheers

PS...beautiful deer Hang-Down.
Congratulations on one heck of a buck and kudo's to the warden for lending a huge hand. A really nice story.
Game wardens
Hang Down great story. I too have met some very helpful and nice game wardens. I'll even name some, Scott Dupre and his partner Tyler are in the enforcement area around the Atchafalaya Delta WMA. I speak to Scott on a regular basis and we compare notes. He is also a bow hunter like me and is very hard core. They are just regular guys who have a job to do like you and I. I have no doubt that if I were to ask either of them for help in a situation similar to yours, they would offer it in an instant. By the way that is one awesome buck. Congratulations!
still some good folks out there
that just goes to show you that not everyone is out to get you, there are still some good people in the woods. they may be far and few between but they are out there.
Big buck
Good story.Good deer.
That is a great buck! Congrats!
Deer deserved
I was the best man in Hang Down's wedding and I can tell you that no one deserved to kill a nice deer more than he did. He pts more time in the woods than anyone I know and is truly the best hunter that I know. I have learned a lot from him, and plan to have many more great times in the woods! congrats man!

P.S. His brother is an amazing taxidermist so we should have some pics of the mount soon!
...if it's a game warden, a cop, a convict, whoever... If someone helps me drag that beast out of the woods, I'd be very appreciative. They would get a case of whatever "beverage" they like.

Awesome Buck, by the way.
Thats a nice deer. I do some hunting in thistlewaite and it is a really difficult place to hunt. They have very big deer in them woods but its not often that you see one like that in the daylight. Was he getting after a doe?
That's a man there!!
Are the deer wide open there or are they just gettin' started? Great deer and even better story!! Congrats!
I got in the woods during the rain last week and was able to sneek to my spot. The rain finaly stopped around 2:30 pm and the deer started moving instantly. I seen two spikes and three does between 2:30 and 4:30 pm. Things got a little still then the fog rolled in. At 5:00 pm I decided that i knew a big deer could be bedded amung the thick cover, so i tried to grunt, bleet, and snort weeze as if the deer were chasing. Then I Heard a Crash and a lil 4 pt jumped out a thicket followed by My buck.I could see about 300yds past the deer and knew they were bedded down there the whole time. I shot him at 100yds and fell shortly after.
Its Time
I have heard a few other people say that the deer have turned on. My deers hocks were not smelly and meat was not very red. so he might have just been getting started. His neck rightbehind the ears measured 25"
Nice buck and story. I have had nothing but great experiences with wardens. I always know about the laws follow them to the fullest. Following state or federal laws along with your own "Ethical Laws that very from each individual" is what makes a "True Sportsman."

Congratulations on a FINE buck!!
Wildlife Technician, Not Game Warden
Just as a point of clarification, the Department employee in question was one Matthew LaPrairie. Mr. LaPrairie is not a game warden, but a Wildlife Technician with the Wildlife Division assigned to the area. Wildlife Technicians, among many other duties, maintain the WMA, prepare food plots, conduct the public hunts and gather biological data.

Our Enforcement Division Agents are the game wardens and are responsible for seeing wildlife and WMA regulations are being obeyed.

Both Divisions are necessary to efficiently run our wildlife management area system.
Big Deal
I don`t care if he is a game warden! Or Whatever He Is!
Matt is 1 Heck of a guy. And if you know Him, Your lucky.I hope that i took the mesage the wrong way. Cause if not, get off your high horse. The department of wildlife and fisheries is lucky to have a young guy like that on their side!